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Banana loaf/cake recipe please

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Kbear Sun 02-Sep-07 17:25:03

the nuts and sultanas aren't compulsory!

alibubbles Sun 02-Sep-07 16:14:53

Thanks, who is coming round for afternoon tea!

Can't do Nigellas as DD has nut allergy and I HATE sultanas or any dried fruit in cakes, that is currants, raisins etc.

I like the idea of adding chocolate,mmmmmmm

mamama Sun 02-Sep-07 15:39:30

6oz Caster Sugar
6oz Butter/ Marg
6oz SR Flour
3 eggs
3 bananas (I stick mine in the blender because I don't like lumps in my banana cake)

Beat sugar & Butter together
Add eggs
Add flour
Mix well
Add bananas
Maybe a drop of milk of you think it needs it

Bake in loaf tin for 35 - 45 mins at 180/ 350/ gas 4

I sometimes pour some melted chocolate into the loaf tin before I put it in the oven - swirl it around the cake mix to make a marbled banana cake. Yummy.

Nigella's is good too

MamaG Sun 02-Sep-07 15:36:44


Bouquetsofdynomite Sun 02-Sep-07 15:34:17

The one in Annabel Karmel's small helpings book is nice.

ivykaty44 Sun 02-Sep-07 14:24:00

This banana loaf is very moist and easy to make

Gas 4 and grease loaf tin 22 by 11 by 7 cm

Beat 4 oz butter with 4 oz brown sugar until creamy ( or put in food proccesor) then add 1 egg and continue to beat until smooth. Add 450g of mashed banana ( or slice into food proccer) and then beat, add 1 tsp vanilla ess and 3 tbsp of natural yogurt (any flavour or type will work, I have used greek, strawberry etc and all has worked well)

seperate bowl, sift 8 oz flour 1 tsp bicarb of soda, 1 tsp cinnamon and pinch salt together, then beat gradually into banana mixture and mix in 4 oz sultanas gently pour into tin. bake in oven for one hour and twenty mins.

Bubble99 Sun 02-Sep-07 14:18:18

For six bananas...

Bubble99 Sun 02-Sep-07 14:17:28

Same weight of eggs (weigh them in their shells) butter and SR flour. Half the weight of sugar (the bananas will add the sweetness.)Four six banans I'd use four large eggs.

Cream butter and sugar together, add the beaten eggs gradually, then the flour.

Mash the bananas with a little milk and add to the mixture. You should end up with a fairly sloppy consistency.

Bung it in a tin and cook at 160c for about half an hour. You can make this in the food processor as well. Just chuck it all in and mix.

ELF1981 Sun 02-Sep-07 14:14:40

I have a recipe for banana and chocolate loaf if that takes your fancy?

Kbear Sun 02-Sep-07 14:13:08 found it!

Kbear Sun 02-Sep-07 14:11:49

Nigella's one is wonderful, I make it all the time. Her recipes are on the net, have a google. Banana loaf.

alibubbles Sun 02-Sep-07 14:06:21

I have 6 very very ripe bananas and would like suggestions for a very moist sticky cake. the one I tried before was too dry. Thanks

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