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New teenage vegetarian

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RedSoloCup Mon 03-Feb-20 22:35:59

I have 13 yo veggie although no other allergies but doesn't like nuts.

Typical meals

Veg pie or sausage roast (pies from Aldi)
Pasta bake
Quorn bolognaise
Quorn chilli
Quorn piece curry
Veg fajitas
Veg lasagne
Stir fry
Mac cheese
Jackets various fillings

All can be adapted for meat too but I tend to feed us all the same mostly

knackeredmumoftwo Mon 03-Feb-20 16:23:10

Thanks for the ideas
Meant to add DS is dairy free due to allergies and I'm gluten free so it's all a bit of a headache. Plus I want to lose weight and DS can't get enough food smile and Dd isn't overly keen on spicy foods sad

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AtleastitsnotMonday Mon 03-Feb-20 15:26:50

Falafels in pita (you can buy loads of different ones in the supermarket but equally you can batch cook your own and freeze)
Haloumi skewers
Pasta arabiata
Field mushrooms with blue cheese and breadcrumbs
Mixed bean chilli then leftovers with added cheese for quesadillas
Roasted veg fritata
Stir fry with rice noodles and omelette strips
Caramelised onion quiche
Red pepper, butternut squash and cauli curry
Shepherdess pie (sub meat for lentils and veg)
Root veg casserole
Toad in hole with quorn sausages

BlueChampagne Mon 03-Feb-20 13:58:55

I hope the rest of the family are prepared to eat veggie too, so you don't have to cook 2 meals all the time. If she is doing food tech at school, hopefully she can come up with some ideas. DS1 (also 12) has been veggie for a couple of years.

It's easy to make curries and pasta sauces vegetarian.
Quorn shepherd's pie/chilli con quorne
Bean burgers

milliefiori Mon 03-Feb-20 11:06:52

We have one teen veggie in a meat eating family. He often has cheese or tofu as the substitute. (Firm tofu dip din cornflour and water mix then rolled in sesame seed or spiced flour or breadcrumbs then fried is a good alternative too meat - though it's messy and daffy and adds an extra pan to the wash load afterwards.
He often has cubes of cooked paneer or halloumi cheese.

A lot of the time we make basic dishes and add meat separately. So tonight we are having a chickpea and smoky paprika risotto with chorizo on the side. Or we have a leek and mushroom risotto with chicken on the side.

Basic veggie dinners we all eat are the usual suspects:
Pasta pomodoro or pasta primavera
Veggie chilli
Veggie curry with dahl and rice
Stuffed peppers
Fajitas with turtle bean and brown rice with salsa and guacamole
Spanish omelette with peppers, potatoes, onions, herbs and cheese

Roast dinners are good as he has all the veg and I just cook a quorn or mozzarella cutlet beside the meat.

JanuaryIsNotTheOnlyMonth Mon 03-Feb-20 11:00:38

Our favourites are

Red lentils wherever you would usually use mince - in lasagne, bolognaise, 'shepherd's' pie.
Roast veg -- sweet potato, potato, squash, courgette, mushrooms, small tomatoes -- baked in a hot oven with herbs, salt and veg oil, topped with mozzarrella or halloumi.

I hate cooked nuts anyway.

knackeredmumoftwo Mon 03-Feb-20 10:54:26

Help smile
My dd 12 nearly 13 wants to be vege and I don't really know where to start - she's very tall smile my ds has a severe nut allergy so we can't really have a lot of nuts at home so please could you share your family favourite vege recipes - what do you use as a protein source as j wasn't too keen to just swap in quorn but would like to use vege/ pulses as much as possible


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