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How to make cupcakes look (near) identical?

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NauseousNancy Sun 02-Feb-20 14:28:07

With the scoop, you fill it, then level of off with a knife.

I have a thick cake batter, which makes it much easier and it’s not so runny.

I used to have my own business making cakes. My scoop never failed me smile

RedRed9 Sun 02-Feb-20 13:39:10

The scoops look good but I think I’d have the same problem as a spoon? eg is it a heaped scoop or a level scoop and maybe that last cupcake had a bit more/less than the other etc.

Although I imagine you can’t go as far wrong with a scoop as you can with a spoon. Maybe I should try it.

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RedRed9 Sun 02-Feb-20 13:35:38

I’ve tried weighing each one, and I don’t know if my cases were shit or maybe I was too rough, but they went all floppy and misshapen from moving them around.

I’ll try a more liquid batter. (Thank you for suggesting the hummingbird one @ColdToesHere ) and then each cupcake might be easier to eye as it will be level.

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ColdToesHere Sat 01-Feb-20 23:39:25

I use a jug to pour my batter. Easier to manage than spoons and fairly easy to regulate. Especially if it’s a quite wet batter.

The hummingbird vanilla cupcake recipe is a good pouting consistency (IMO)

Stravapalava Sat 01-Feb-20 23:28:11

Weigh the batter & divide by how many cupcakes you want to make. Plus level the batter in the cases before you bake them.

Fannia Sat 01-Feb-20 20:54:34

You can buy a scoop like a small ice cream scoop here

NauseousNancy Sat 01-Feb-20 20:49:41

I use an ice cream scoop smile one of the ones with the click release buttons.

TickledOnion Sat 01-Feb-20 20:48:44

Just put each cupcake case on the scales and weigh the batter.

RedRed9 Sat 01-Feb-20 20:40:56

I must have a really shit eye for this as whenever I make cupcakes or muffins they come out in various sizes!

This is despite me ‘eyeing’ the amount I’m spooning in to each. So even if I put say one heaped spoonful of mixture in each cupcake case I still end up with some big ones and some small ones.

I’d like a bit of uniformity to my cupcakes. Is there a better way to achieve this?

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