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What are your favourite fillings for wraps and pasta?

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Nuttyaboutnutella Fri 31-Jan-20 13:53:33

Looking for some inspiration for wraps and pasta for lunch. What are your favourite fillings/toppings?

I mean pasta as on pasta salad type dishes, not spaghetti Bolognese etc. smile

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Stabbitha1 Fri 31-Jan-20 14:26:34

Feta fusili black olives tomatoes fresh and sun roasted
Tuna mayo sweetcorn
Breaded chicken, mushroom, sweetcorn and creamy dressing
Mixed beans and pasta, mayo
Spinach and ricotta
Chorizo, chicken and peppers

Ricekrispie22 Fri 31-Jan-20 16:21:23

Falafel, salad and a minty yogurt dressing
Hummus and red pepper
Fish fingers! I’m not kidding! They work really well in a wrap and I’m obviously not the only person who thinks so because there are loads of recipes on the internet.
Cooked chicken tikka pieces with mango chutney or raita
Greek salad
Sweet chilli chicken
Chicken with Caesar style dressing and lettuce

Nuttyaboutnutella Fri 31-Jan-20 20:02:17

Feta fusili black olives tomatoes fresh and sun roasted this sounds delicious!
Thanks, some good ideas to try smile

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