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What's the most reprehensible thing you've ever put on a sandwich - indefensible guilt pleasures please....

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jaynehater Sat 01-Sep-07 14:35:18

Curried potato salad on a little baguette style bread roll.

My uncle is guilty of steak pie sandwiches. (Bleugh to that one personally, but each to his own....)

dissle Sat 01-Sep-07 14:37:14

fish finger bitties

sage and onion stuffing butties

pickled onion butties

and no, these were not cravings, i just like em!

jaynehater Sat 01-Sep-07 14:39:22

Lol, I meant to put that dissie:


LazyLinePainterJane Sat 01-Sep-07 14:40:10

risotto sandwiches are de-lish!

jaynehater Sat 01-Sep-07 14:40:27

Fish fingers aren't reprehensible!

Sage and onion stuffing, however......grin

dissle Sat 01-Sep-07 14:41:03

no just odd, so im told!

Aitch Sat 01-Sep-07 14:55:09

Lazylinepainter, i was just coming on to extol the virtues of the risotto sandwich. re-heated in the micro, smeared onto a bit of crusty bread... heaven. grin

Aitch Sat 01-Sep-07 14:55:44

sorry... buttered crusty bread. must get the recipe right. wink

JeremyVile Sat 01-Sep-07 15:02:04

As kids, we had sugar sandwiches - in my defence I didn't know ant better and the thought of it now makes my stomach turn!

Roast dinner sandwiches are lovely. Thinly sliced meat, potatoes, stuffing with meat-appropriate sauce, bread/apple/cranberry etc and the final touch for when you fancy a proper pig out - The Moist Maker! completely pinched off Ross from Friends. Take a third slice of bread, soak in gravy and and place in the middle of the sandwich.


ledodgy Sat 01-Sep-07 15:04:29

I've been known to have bowls of chilli, veggie or otherwise with brown bread on the side so I can make sandwiches as I go along it's lovely.

mistypeaks Sat 01-Sep-07 15:06:02

Brown sauce sandwiches are my guilty pleasure. I also like mini pizza sandwiches.

JeremyVile Sat 01-Sep-07 15:06:06

Bolognese sandwiches are good too.

fleacircus Sat 01-Sep-07 15:08:44

My lovely flatmate used to make me his speciality sandwiches: sliced white bread with butter, peanut butter and chocolate spread. God, they were divine...

fleacircus Sat 01-Sep-07 15:09:48

Lovely ex-flatmate, sadly, I can just imagine my organic DP's face if I served that up.

jaynehater Sat 01-Sep-07 15:10:03

DH loves banana and bacon, was his childhood staple.

I blame growing up in South Africa for most of what's wrong with him grin

jaynehater Sat 01-Sep-07 15:11:08

fleacircus, all that sandwich needs is frying in butter grin

That would put the frighteners on your DP grin

VeniVidiVickiQV Sat 01-Sep-07 15:11:36

Salad cream and salt.

EscapeFrom Sat 01-Sep-07 15:16:20

Ok, under the protective mantle of AS A TEENAGER.

So, AS A TEENAGER, I regularly snadwiched (always in white bread)

Fray Bentos Pie.
Microwaved economy beef burgers.
Tinned curry.
Tomato ketchup.
Congealed gravy.
Cold boiled potatoes with salt.

jaynehater Sat 01-Sep-07 15:18:28

<raises shameful hand to wotsits>


EscapeFrom Sat 01-Sep-07 15:18:41

And while pregnant with ds2, I once made a nlack pudding, banana, and mustard sandwich, because they smelled right together. And I ate it.

That was on granery though. Not a badly balanced meal!

EscapeFrom Sat 01-Sep-07 15:20:06

I also ate (again pregnant) a Mini Chedder and peanut butter sandwich.

bubblagirl Sat 01-Sep-07 15:22:53

horseradish sandwich and toast

JeremyVile Sat 01-Sep-07 15:23:20

Another vote here for salad cream.

Also love lettuce and vinegar sandwiches.

jaynehater Sat 01-Sep-07 15:27:57

EscapeFrom, no fair. You have to confess to something outwith the auspices of pregnancy or adolescencegrin

bubblagirl Sat 01-Sep-07 15:30:56

horse radish on toast when pregnant with ds

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