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Recommendation for takeaway deals please!

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Iz2726 Wed 29-Jan-20 19:49:26

Hi there
I’m new (please be nice)! Me and my family (5 of us !) love to order a takeaway every couple of weeks as a little treat (I know I know not healthy ...). Usually we just sort of order whatever but as a new-year resolution we’re trying to tighten the belt a bit - eeeek.

Any recommendations for good takeaway deals for the future? I know 2 for tuesdays at dominoes but we don’t tend to get a takeaway that early in the week


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TrashKitten10 Wed 29-Jan-20 20:58:44

Not many people do get a takeaway that early in the week, hence why they have the deal to entice you. You'll probably find most deals are going to be Sunday-Thursday for that reason, they don't really need to give people any encouragement on a Friday or Saturday. You're probably best to check out local takeaway restaurants in your area. They often have their deals on just eat or I find our town community Facebook page to be the font of all local takeaway knowledge smile

Blondie1984 Thu 30-Jan-20 03:56:53

Have you seen the Too Good To Go app? Might be worth checking out,.. and

Blondie1984 Thu 30-Jan-20 03:57:50

Also could you try doing homemade versions of your favourite takeaway dishes?

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