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Roast ideas

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mrsawhite Sat 25-Jan-20 14:26:09

DH is having to do 12 shift unexpectedly tomorrow. So would like to do a nice roast for when he gets back. Not chicken had that last night. Tell me your best recipes. Have all day so don't mind a bit of work! Or even alternatives for a yummy Sunday dinner!

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sleepismysuperpower1 Sat 25-Jan-20 14:29:47

we have having honey and marmalade gammon with roast potatoes and veggies tomorrow for sunday dinner x

mrsawhite Sat 25-Jan-20 14:57:21

Mm yum. Do you slow cooker it?

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Franklymydearidontgiveadam Sat 25-Jan-20 15:05:24

Coca cola slow cooker gammon and or rare roast beef.

Sometimes I make an onion gravy and even added French onion soup and a splash of red. Very rich and tasty cheat.

Carrots roasted in honey

Instead of individually doing Yorkshire puddings maybe do larger bowl type ones each so its like toad in the hole

Dijon Mustard mash

OhioOhioOhio Sat 25-Jan-20 15:18:34

You definitely need Yorkshire puddings.

mrsawhite Sat 25-Jan-20 15:26:39

Mm beef could be an option. Going to do an online shop soon. Also think I might do a vat of rice pudding!

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AdaColeman Sat 25-Jan-20 15:48:02

You can't beat roast pork with sage and onion stuffing and apple sauce to brighten up a January Sunday! wine wine

mrsawhite Sat 25-Jan-20 16:07:43

Haven't had pork in ages...what cut would be best for 2 people? With obv enough leftovers for sandwiches on Monday!

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Franklymydearidontgiveadam Sat 25-Jan-20 19:25:39

Electronic carving knives are good for slicing up meats for sandwiches BTW xx

mrsawhite Sun 26-Jan-20 09:48:50

Might have to invest in one at some point! Have gone for pork and stuffing. Apple sauce. Lots of roasties. Can't wait 😊

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