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Have got 4 tins of Tuna to use for dinner, what can i make? Help

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FireFaerie Fri 31-Aug-07 13:41:51

DF brought back 4 tins of Tuna 'in oil' bleurgh! by accident, so i was thinking maybe a Tuna Pasta Bake or something, but i dont know how! Help!!! ...Or any other suggestions?

(P.S I would really like to avoid using one of those packet thingymajigs, hence asking here for REAL meal ideas grin)

NorksDrift Fri 31-Aug-07 13:57:22

This is endorsed by cod no less!

saffymum Fri 31-Aug-07 14:01:08

ooh that sounds nice. good recipe.

FireFaerie Fri 31-Aug-07 14:24:26

Oh Norks, that does look lovely, but i was really hoping for something i could pop in the oven, as DF and i have about a 20 minute eating gap between work for him, ork for me, and the DS change-over
Shall certainly pop that in my 'bookmarks' though, as it looks scrummy!

FireFaerie Fri 31-Aug-07 14:25:34

Ooops.. thats meant to be 'work for me' <sigh>
I blame the chattering 6 yr old wink

Jackstini Fri 31-Aug-07 14:43:33

Easy Tuna Casserole was one of my Mums regular meals.
Put all the following in a large casserole dish and mix together:

Semi-cooked or fresh pasta
Tin of chicken or mushroom soup (2 tins if large casserole) homemade if you have any in
Tin of sweetcorn/peas/both
Chopped onion
Any other veg your family will eat

Top with cheese
30 mins at 180

Jackstini Fri 31-Aug-07 14:44:43

PS - if they don't like chicken or mushroom soup/creamy sauces swap for tinned tomatoes and add herbs/garlic

FireFaerie Fri 31-Aug-07 15:18:59

Oooo thats perfect, Jackie, as i have just realised that i had the last tin of toms yesterday for lunch blush
Thank you!

FireFaerie Fri 31-Aug-07 16:57:01

Realised that i wouldnt be able to do this without a trip to the shop, didnt have half the stuff i wanted at shop, ended up with...
onion, leek, carrot(grated), mushrooms, fried lightly in oil from tinned tuna, added 3 tins of tuna, stirred in, poured over cooked pasta, with one of those poxy homepride sauces (creamy tomato and basil) topped with cheese, in oven for about 20 minutes.
only had time to try it, but it is goo-oo-ood!
Off to work now, but thanks for the ideas, i shall cook both of them over the next few weeks as im so intruiged now as they sound delish!
Thanks again.
P.S i hate Co-op!

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