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Does anyone have the recipe for Jamie Oliver's flapjacks. please?

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Christie Fri 31-Aug-07 00:00:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Christie Fri 31-Aug-07 12:21:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsBadger Fri 31-Aug-07 12:26:44


(I still prefer my mum's ancestral recipe
150g butter
75g sugar
3tbsp golden syrup
300g porridge oats
Melt fat, sugar & syrup, stir in oats.
Greased 7x7" tin, 20min gas 4
You can add cherries / raisins / nuts / seeds etc as you like - I never bother measuring, just sling in a handful or two.)

fizzbuzz Fri 31-Aug-07 13:22:34

I found one of his recipes for flapjack on a BBC website. Made it once, but never again. It was gorgeous but lethal

Christie Fri 31-Aug-07 13:40:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Biglips Fri 31-Aug-07 13:41:24


i lurve flapjacks!

garciasangria Sun 02-Sep-07 21:58:35

Mrs Badger, thankyou so much for the recipe!

I made these with dd this evening, though we had to substitute a few porridge oats were out of date blush, so we used museli, and chucked in a few sachets of Oats-So-Simple for good measure. I had no golden syrup either, but found a bottle of maple syrup (not the expensive stuff, just Lyle's syrup flavoured with maple), and used brown sugar instead of was lurking at the back of the same cupboard we found the syrup.

They are soooo gooood! We ate half of them all warm and gooey out of the oven, and DH is currently eating a big wodge of it with mature cheddar hmm

This is my new favourite recipe, and so easy to make, my dd (nearly 10) wants to make them all by herself next time, thankyou again!

MrsBadger Mon 03-Sep-07 11:39:10

another victory!

I've made up the weight with oatbran before now when I've run out of oats - it's very forgiving

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