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how long do you boil a bramley apple to make it nice and yummy?

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eenybeeny Thu 30-Aug-07 17:03:18

??? Thanks! I want to make boiled apple and custard tonight.

CountessDracula Thu 30-Aug-07 17:04:00

boiled apple??

CountessDracula Thu 30-Aug-07 17:04:30

what you boil it whole?
Do you mean stewed apple?

RubySlippers Thu 30-Aug-07 17:05:02

i have never boiled an apple
i have baked one (35 mins in the over, with a drizzle of honey and cinammom and dried fruits)

perhaps this is like the deep fried pizza thread though, as i hadn't heard of that either ...

LIZS Thu 30-Aug-07 17:05:10

? do you mean stewed apple ? I normally chop it up but sounds as if your's is whole.

eenybeeny Thu 30-Aug-07 17:10:37

oh i dont know what i mean. i just assumed you boiled it???? I dont care how you cook it I just want it in little chunks and soft with hot custard on top

RubySlippers Thu 30-Aug-07 17:16:55

peel, chop and put in a pan with a bit of water and sugar

eenybeeny Thu 30-Aug-07 17:18:44

is that stewing? i thought that was boiling. whats the difference? thank you for explaining to me!

MrsBadger Thu 30-Aug-07 17:19:08

only about 5min - prod often.
bramleys are more prone than most to collapse into puree (ie 'stewed apple') when cooked.

RubySlippers Thu 30-Aug-07 17:20:07

that is stewing - perhaps it is sometimes called boiling?
as i said, i had never heard of deep fried pizza grin

LIZS Thu 30-Aug-07 17:27:18

yes just cook until starting to go soft. The heat will continue to mush them a bit.

HuwEdwards Thu 30-Aug-07 17:27:26

Boil an apple! eenybeeny you made me larf!

eenybeeny Thu 30-Aug-07 18:24:24

wow I had no idea the concept of boiling an apple was so foreign! grin

MrsBadger Thu 30-Aug-07 18:42:07

I must say I have never heard it referred to as 'boiled apple' either.
Is it regional, do you think?

eenybeeny Thu 30-Aug-07 19:55:28

My husband is English and I am American that's probably the problem.

OrmIrian Thu 30-Aug-07 19:58:12

Baked apples is nicer - with brown sugar, cinnamon and currants in the middle.

eenybeeny Thu 30-Aug-07 20:00:12

OrmIrian YUMMY please come make that for me.

MrsBadger Thu 30-Aug-07 20:14:59

tis easy
get an apple
core it
score a line round the 'equator'
put it in a square of buttered foil
fill hole in middle with brown sugar, dried fruit & knob of butter
wrap up in the foil
gas 4 45min or so

Bink Thu 30-Aug-07 20:17:26

Step by step! - this is for 4-5 apples, so reduce accordingly:
- peel, core & chop apples;
- put a fingertip's depth of water in the pan;
- put on hob (with lid on) at lowest lowest heat, with a dessertspoonful of vanilla sugar (I don't like it too sweet) and a shaving of lemon zest;
- let it simmer all by itself, 15 mins or so - try to catch it & take it off heat just as the chunks are starting to go puffy.

lilolilmanchester Thu 30-Aug-07 23:42:50

works well in a microwave too.

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