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Should I bake it or blow dry it?

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allthesharks Fri 17-Jan-20 18:13:16

I've made a unicorn horn with Renshaw modelling paste. It's very wet and I need it to dry in time for DDs party tomorrow morning. I've tried blow drying a spare piece of the paste to see if that helps it to dry without it cracking, and it seems to be ok, but I'm wondering if putting it in the oven on a low heat for a while would be better. I'll be honest, it looks pretty crap anyway, but I don't want to make it look any worse. Any suggestions?

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magicstar1 Fri 17-Jan-20 18:22:30

Just leave it overnight on the counter. It should be perfect for tomorrow.

allthesharks Fri 17-Jan-20 18:24:30

I've just realised that I actually need it to dry quicker as I need to decorate around it. I think I'm going to try blow drying it. If it buggers it up I'll have to think of something else.

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allthesharks Fri 17-Jan-20 18:31:13

I've just managed to stab it with my finger nail so that's not helped matters.

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AtleastitsnotMonday Fri 17-Jan-20 19:42:31

Airing cupboard?

allthesharks Fri 17-Jan-20 20:05:23

The whole cake is looking a bit shit. My crumb coat was too thin so you can still see the layers through what was supposed to be the top coat. I'm not normally this shit.

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MmeBufo Fri 17-Jan-20 20:07:59

Thing is OP your DD will be thrilled with it —even if it, objectively speaking, actually looks a bit shite—

hardheadedwoman Fri 17-Jan-20 20:09:07


StandardLampski Fri 17-Jan-20 20:11:34

Ice cream cone substitute?

allthesharks Fri 17-Jan-20 20:32:20

The ice cream cone is a good idea as a back up actually!

Here is the horn in its current state. The cake is back in the fridge. I'll post a photo of the finished monstrosity if it gets that far.

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hardheadedwoman Sat 18-Jan-20 09:07:28

That’s not bad!

allthesharks Sat 18-Jan-20 09:43:17

The cake is finished and it's not a complete disaster. It's far from the best cake I've ever made but the horn has stayed in tact. I realised last night that as parents aren't staying it's only 5 and 6 year olds who will see it. I'll post a photo later. I have no space on my phone at the moment.

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allthesharks Sat 18-Jan-20 17:33:59


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magicstar1 Sat 18-Jan-20 23:29:00

Great job! You should be so proud of it.

Ohyesiam Sat 18-Jan-20 23:32:29

Nice JoB!

attheendofeveryweekeachoneofus Sat 18-Jan-20 23:34:08

It looks amazing op well done!

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