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How do you use up an oversupply of fruit?

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TitsalinaBumSquash Fri 17-Jan-20 13:56:28

My fruit and veg box cones every week and sometimes the kids don't eat much fruit, sometimes they eat loads but I have a build up, I don't want to waste it so I need to use it all up.

I have,


My freezer has a million crumbles in it and my kids aren't keen on smoothies. Any ideas?

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karmakameleon Fri 17-Jan-20 14:48:44

Fruit salad. The simple act of chopping fruit and presenting it as a fruit salad makes it more palatable for my children.

Orange juice with the oranges.

And muffins with the blueberries or apple/pear cake.

Egg Fri 17-Jan-20 14:50:24

Mine love making milkshakes with vanilla ice cream and loads of fruit whizzed up together.

troppibambini Fri 17-Jan-20 14:53:18

Agree with karma just chop it all up. Mine shovel it down this way.

teta Fri 17-Jan-20 15:25:04

Using ready rolled puff pastry flat apple/pear tarts or Tarte Tatin. Both are very easy.
Banana bread made with leftover banana is delicious warm with salted butter. Berries and kiwi can be chopped into a fruit salad and had with ice cream. Or make mini meringues and have with fruit and cream.

woodymiller Fri 17-Jan-20 15:25:27

You could make the berries into jam and the oranges into marmalade. If you don't have jars to sterilise a small amount will be ok in a plastic container in the fridge. Or see what you could incorporate into meals eg, mango into a curry, chicken a l'orange, apple sauce with pork

Notso Fri 17-Jan-20 15:29:46

Yes to pp, chop it up. I don't really like fruit but very occasionally I chop up a bit for myself, whenever I do can guarantee my kids will be all over it.

Ricekrispie22 Fri 17-Jan-20 17:49:32

Pork and apple burgers
Apple toad in the hole

Chicken and mango curry

Strawberries and blueberries in porridge

Oranges juice on pancakes with chocolate spread!

TitsalinaBumSquash Fri 17-Jan-20 19:20:42

Brilliant ideas thanks! 😊
I am making fruit leathers at the moment and have got DS to help me make a breakfast fruit salad as a 'treat' which they seem to find very exciting.

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BlackForestCake Wed 05-Feb-20 18:37:06

Make jam with the strawberries

Put the pear and apple on a naice cheese board

Juice the oranges, drink the juice. Chop the peel and stick it in
the freezer. Then come Christmas time you can make your own candied peel and everyone will think you're sooooo fancy.

Blondie1984 Thu 06-Feb-20 01:39:42

I would stew the apples and pears and serve as a pudding with custard or yoghurt or on top of porridge/rice pudding

The mango I would turn into salsa and serve with chicken

Kiwis - I would cut in half and pop in an egg cup - kids seem to find it fun to eat them that way

Also, fruit kebabs!

sashh Thu 06-Feb-20 02:13:34

Make thew mango into chutney.

Segment the oranges and preserve them in sugar syrup.

Anything left put on Olio

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