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Ok. PUN ALERT. I had chicken from Iceland and it was FOWL! (foul).

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MyTwopenceworth Wed 29-Aug-07 21:02:19

Normally buy chicken direct from local farm. However, dh in his constant economy drive brought home 2 packs of frozen chicken breasts from Iceland. Now, there are lots more of them for the same tenner we normally spend on chicken a week, but they were HORRIBLE. Rubbery, stale tasting....barely tasted like chicken at all.

I have kind of got used to having chicken so fresh and un-fucked with that a good vet could get it back on its feet. This stuff, well, there's a part of me truly doubts it was ever chicken in the first place.

I know I should just get used to it and serve up this nasty stuff and save the fiver a week, but it is truly vile. Do you think I will get used to it? Alternatively, do you have any tips for making it taste less like decomposing syphilitic rat?

Hulababy Wed 29-Aug-07 21:03:53

TBH unless you really do need to economise big time I would go back to decent meat. Even if having to cut down, just have less meat but better meat, and bulk out with rice or potatoes.

snowleopard Wed 29-Aug-07 21:04:07

You could just eat rats instead - bargain!

harleyd Wed 29-Aug-07 21:04:25

decomposing syphilitic rat?
pmls grin

snowleopard Wed 29-Aug-07 21:05:08

More seriously, I agree with HB - cheap meat is likely to be dodgy and come from a miserable chicken. Better to spend more on meat and have it less.

Bewilderbeast Wed 29-Aug-07 21:05:15

it's better to buy good quality meat and veg and economise on dried goods, cleaning products etc.

morningpaper Wed 29-Aug-07 21:05:35

No that sort of shit is awful isn't it?

My DH says "Yes yes it's fine, it was TWO POUNDS!" but all I can think of is that it tastes like the sofa stuffing and I can feel it's poor suffering miserable life with every bite

You may as well use quorn FFS

You can get cheap chicken 'bits' from my local farmers which are ok for stews etc. - rather do that than eat iceland-stylee 'breast' meat

whomovedmychocolate Wed 29-Aug-07 21:06:34

Curry it. The hotter the better, marinade for 24 hours and if you can make sure the curry has a lot of fat in to mask the taste.

Wash down with several gallons of wine. That should help.

Or feed it to the cat and eat their food. Might taste nicer.

Desiderata Wed 29-Aug-07 21:07:07

I've noticed a huge difference in the quality of chicken, but I've always found frozen chicken bits to be gross.

In fact, I'm not a fan of frozen food at all, really.

Bugger the fiver a week and economize on something else!

morningpaper Wed 29-Aug-07 21:07:47

The thing is, if you curry it then you may as well use Quorn and then you don't have to worry about it suffering

MyTwopenceworth Wed 29-Aug-07 21:13:07

So I'm not being unreasonably precious then? grin

The worst bit now is that, having eaten it, it is repeating on me and I keep tasting it over and over and over....

Set fire to my living room, pipe Itsy-Bitsy-Teeny-Weeny-Yellow-Polka-Dot-Bikini in on a loop, drop Jeremy Clarkson down the chimney and I'll know for sure I died and went to hell.

Desiderata Wed 29-Aug-07 21:17:13

Yeah, I'll see you down there!

EmsMum Wed 29-Aug-07 21:19:21

Nope, you probably can't and shouldn't get used to it. My DH has an aversion to any chicken now after eating a so-so ready meal some years ago.

Make DH eat it up. Make and freeze lots of curry - chicken for him, chickpea for you maybe?

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