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Strong cheeses

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AmazingGreats Fri 10-Jan-20 21:25:27

I am partial to a strong cheddar (like vintage mature/extra strong cheddar) but can't seem to find a strong twang from anything else I buy. I do enjoy Gouda, Emmental, Provolone, Mozarella, Camembert, etc. And also have Boursin and philadelphia for crackers and Parmesan for risotto and pasta, but is there a really sharp strong twangy cheese that is similar or stronger than my favourite cheddars? I have tried a couple of blue cheeses in the past and found them bitter (were they just the wrong ones?) but do like blue cheese in sauces.

Help me find a new strong cheese!

AmazingGreats Fri 10-Jan-20 23:08:01


Peony99 Fri 10-Jan-20 23:28:34

I love Gorgonzola piccante. Plenty of twang, and not bitter.

Blondie1984 Sat 11-Jan-20 02:31:59

Maybe look at Neals Yard website and se what they have?

DramaAlpaca Sat 11-Jan-20 02:33:43

I find Stilton tangy without being bitter.

NewInTown08 Sat 11-Jan-20 02:37:55


AmazingGreats Sat 11-Jan-20 05:41:48

Ooh yes the G cheeses sound brilliant I think I remember having both of them in the past. Thank you

ElluesPichulobu Sat 11-Jan-20 06:57:44

you may like Taleggio which is similar to brie in texture but with a really punchy taste.

go to a proper cheese monger rather than a supermarket. supermarkets stock cheeses on the basis of mass appeal (bland) and cost-effective manufacturing processes (plasticky and artificial) - it's not surprising you struggle to find good ones.

handbagsatdawn33 Sat 11-Jan-20 19:36:43

Epoisses would fit the bill.
I have seen it in Waitrose, but I usually get it from a specialist shop.

AmazingGreats Sat 11-Jan-20 20:10:19

I think I got confused doing the online shop and thought Gouda was what I wanted when really it was Gruyure. I have had Gorgonzola sauce on pasta which was lovely so going to keep an eye out for that. Will have a look for Tallegio and Epoisses you. I love trying new things and felt like I was limiting myself by my own ignorance, so thank you all

MilkRunningOutAgain Sun 12-Jan-20 00:34:59

If you want a different strong non-blue English one, Red Shropshire from Sainsbury’s is good.

Newbameforanewdecade Mon 13-Jan-20 21:13:04

I ordered this by accident a couple of weeks ago - it’s delicious*GHS+-+Grocery+-+New*PX+%7C+Shopping+GSC+%7C+All+Products+%2B+Tesco+Brand*New:+F%26D:+Fresh+Food:+Fresh+Food+-+DTS*PRODUCT_GROUP299770125*&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2YuV6b6B5wIVCbLtCh3etgslEAQYAiABEgKXGfD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

AngelicCurls Mon 13-Jan-20 23:33:46

Comte is lovely with a bit of tang

SalamanderingAbroad Tue 14-Jan-20 07:54:46

M and Cornish cruncher is a v good cheddar. I know that’s not what you asked for but it’s great. Get to a cheese mongers.

FawnDrench Tue 14-Jan-20 18:34:06

Roquefort is delicious (IMO) and has a definite tang.

Notthebloodygym Tue 14-Jan-20 19:29:29

Pecorino is usually in my fridge.

TheLightGetsIn Thu 16-Jan-20 17:04:57

I would go to a decent cheesemonger and ask them for recommendations. They'll often let you taste tiny pieces as well to try before you buy.

Thesuzle Thu 16-Jan-20 17:06:15

On the cheddar front, Black Bomber is absolute heaven

TheSandman Thu 16-Jan-20 17:18:53

is there a really sharp strong twangy cheese that is similar or stronger than my favourite cheddars?

I like the idea of twangy cheeses.

AmazingGreats Fri 17-Jan-20 17:37:30


Yes twangy. Tangy with a twang

AmazingGreats Fri 17-Jan-20 17:41:36

I don't think we have a cheese mongers. I used to live in a different town that had a really good deli and a farmers market and used to try all sorts there. My new area it's mostly larger chain stores and supermarkets

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