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what can I do with left over vegetable curry?

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BBBee Mon 27-Aug-07 22:21:31

apart from reheat it and have it again?

I can't think of anything - I can't exaclty put it in a pie.

Dinosaur Mon 27-Aug-07 22:24:15

Eat it cold for breakfast (I have been known to, and it is yum).

Spidermama Mon 27-Aug-07 22:25:04

I would reheat and freshen up with a few new ingredients and a dollop of Pataks paste.

BecauseImWorthIt Mon 27-Aug-07 22:26:30

Get some puff pastry and make curried vegetable pasties.

lucy5 Mon 27-Aug-07 22:27:03

Curry pasties are nice, with wholemeal pastry.

Or you could add creme fraiche and mango chutney to it.

lucy5 Mon 27-Aug-07 22:27:28

Great minds! Snap.

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