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Hello fresh/mindful chef etc which box do I want?

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HuggedTrees Tue 31-Dec-19 16:40:06

Looking at the various boxes on offer, need one for a coeliac. Which is the best one or best initial offer to try? Any discount codes available?

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Medievalist Tue 31-Dec-19 16:45:51

Got ds and his gf a voucher for Mindful Chef and they were really good.

SquashedFlyBiscuit Tue 31-Dec-19 16:50:27

Gousto! Message me if you want a voucher code. We did it this week. I love not having to think about what to cook and having it all weighed out. I think we're eating better too.

HuggedTrees Tue 31-Dec-19 16:56:54

How much do the various boxes work out per meal/head etc?

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SquashedFlyBiscuit Tue 31-Dec-19 20:40:52

Weve been paying 47.75 for 4 people for 4 meals. Usually some leftovers and absolutely everything included. We kust tried to order the same from sainsburys andnit was more expensive - but obviously included whole bottles of oil/curry powder/etc rather than justbthe little sachets. The meat was really good too.

Cost varies with it being cheaper per persom if you have 4 than 2 or more meals per week.

HuggedTrees Tue 31-Dec-19 21:07:30

Thanks that’s useful and I think compared to buying meat and ready done side coming to £5 anyway, it’s not sounding too bad. Food bills have been creeping up with ready to cook stuff so figured would give one of the boxes a go and enjoy cooking again

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SquashedFlyBiscuit Tue 31-Dec-19 22:59:01

Good luck! Its helped me enjoy cooking when Ive found it overwhelming. I got first 2 on discount codes but decided if we had "cheap" meals for the other 3 nights it was worth it.

HuggedTrees Wed 01-Jan-20 17:58:27

Can you send me a discount code if you have one @SquashedFlyBiscuit

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SquashedFlyBiscuit Wed 01-Jan-20 21:22:27

Sure. Ypu get 60% of the first box, and 30% of the first month to try it.

We're not currently tied in monthly and order them.about every 2 weeks as "one offs." Enjoy!

smileannie Thu 02-Jan-20 13:25:13

We have tried them all and for us Hello Fresh is the best.
Best range of recipes and high quality ingredients.
We have 3 meals for 2 people weekly, vegetarian, and always enough left over for lunch the following day.

It’s £45 per week, taking into account time spent going to shop and cost ingredients, I think it’s pretty reasonable.

If you have any issues eg, we have had a cracked egg, they will always knock something off your next box.

Very easy to use, highly recommend.

HuggedTrees Thu 02-Jan-20 13:53:42

£45 for 6 portions per week does sound a bit steep. Don’t think I want to pay that for 3 meals for 2 at the moment

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