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Best vegetarian recipe book

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AvonCallingBarksdale Mon 30-Dec-19 14:43:03

DD and I are going vegetarian from January. We’ve done veggie Lent before which was great but as this I more long term I need a larger repertoire. I’ve skimmed through a few books but I’d like some recommendations if poss. What I want to avoid is just a load of pasta/potato dishes on rotation and I’m not keen on meat substitutes or “pretend” food either. So does such a book even exist??! Thank you!

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endgame67 Mon 30-Dec-19 14:49:41

Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's "Veg" book is great

AvonCallingBarksdale Mon 30-Dec-19 14:52:49

Ah great I’ll check that out, thanks.

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Namethecat Mon 30-Dec-19 14:55:54

Been a vegetarian for over 20 years. Bought Jamie Oliver's book that came out this year and it's excellent. It's simply called - Veg.

Mrsducky88 Mon 30-Dec-19 15:03:15

Jamie’s Veg, Bosh, Hugh FW Veg and Meera Sohdas Fresh India

AvonCallingBarksdale Mon 30-Dec-19 15:45:30

Marvellous thanks.

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PlausibleSuit Mon 30-Dec-19 15:53:23

Simon Rimmer's The Accidental Vegetarian is worth a look. (The story goes that he bought a vegetarian restaurant and had to learn quickly how to make vegetarian food.) Some of the recipes are slightly meat-substitutey but not too much. And there are some terrific ones in there.

loubielou31 Mon 30-Dec-19 15:57:31

"Food from the place below" and "feasts from the place below" they are both quite old but are lovely recipes.

Alez Mon 30-Dec-19 15:58:40

Meera sodhas new book East is good. Her column in the guardian is excellent too. Anna Jones is good too but her recipes can be a bit ingredient heavy.

CodenameVillanelle Mon 30-Dec-19 16:00:25

The Bosh vegan cookbooks are brilliant. You could make the recipes veggie if you want to.

StrawberryPi Mon 30-Dec-19 16:01:38

Mob Veggie is good! Not too difficult, no crazy ingredients but very tasty.

BillieEilish Mon 30-Dec-19 16:04:59

I'm definitely buying Jamies 'Veg', looks brilliant (Veggie for 20 years) but tired of doing SO much cooking now! DD eats like a horse and he does simple quick and nutritious food I think.

Seen some of the recipes on his YOUTUBE channel and they look fab.

Not at all keen on meat substitutes. Don't like meat and don't want to mimic it. He doesn't do that!

Nowisthemonthofmaying Mon 30-Dec-19 16:06:52

Ottolenghi's Plenty and the Crank's Bible are my staples. Delia Smith and Antonio Carluccio's vegetarian cookbooks are a bit more old-school but have some great recipes. Not a fan of Bosh though.

BillieEilish Mon 30-Dec-19 16:08:15

Yes, Delia's one is great and didn't Nigel Slater do one?

I love Nigel Slater.

BlackCatSleeping Mon 30-Dec-19 16:17:29

Not a cook book, but I love this website for vegan recipes.

Their recipes are really flavorful.

MrsRedFly Mon 30-Dec-19 17:04:53

Sam Stern's Eat Vegetarian - has a really good mix of recipes!

Freid Mon 30-Dec-19 17:14:34

I did the same 5 years ago!

Deliciously Ella books are good, she has an app too which is 99p a month and is updated regularly.

AvonCallingBarksdale Mon 30-Dec-19 17:27:07

@Nowisthemonthofmaying, can I ask what you’re not keen on with Bosh?

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AvonCallingBarksdale Mon 30-Dec-19 17:28:34

@Alez oh yes I’d forgotten about Meera in the Guardian - I’ve done a few of hers
Great suggestions, thanks everyone

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Kaleidoscope93 Mon 30-Dec-19 17:38:41

Any of the Anna Jones Modern way of cooking books!

Ocomeocomeimaginaryfleas Mon 30-Dec-19 17:51:22

I have the Bosh book and I find the recipes a bit faffy and time consuming. Good results though.

I have loads of vegetarian cookery books but I only do one or two recipes from each. More and more I go to online recipes, I find the BBC Good Food recipes excellent, also Waitrose.

Ainsley Harriott is good for easy and fast recipes, if you like your spices.

midwintermorning Mon 30-Dec-19 21:18:04

I was veggie for 25 years - and an avid collector of cookbooks. HFW is good as a basic veggie book - nothing new and any experienced veggie cook will not find much to excite them but if your a novice it's a good starting point. Cranks Fast food is good, interesting and quick and not overly worthy on the health food thing. Bought Jamie's book and have cooked a few things - it's ok, less useful than I'd hoped, I had to pimp up some of his recipes as the depth of flavour just wasn't there. Ottolenghi is exciting but sometimes complicated with odd ingredients but the flavours are almost always fantastic.
This is one of my favourite, very easy recipes - serve with a salad or new potatoes and broccoli. And choose a fresh goats cheese with no rind if you want something that isn't very goaty.

TheLightGetsIn Mon 30-Dec-19 22:00:41

Madhur Jaffrey World Vegetarian is great. No meat substitutes and very little pasta or heavy carby stuff. Just lots of inspiration for inventive things to do with pretty much any vegetable you can think of. You do need a well stocked spice rack, though!

AvonCallingBarksdale Mon 30-Dec-19 22:22:02

This is brilliant thanks everyone!

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Deathraystare Tue 31-Dec-19 08:36:52 the vegetarian society online

I agree Madhur Jaffrey's Worl Vegetarian is great. Hairy Bikers did a veggie book. Joe wicks did one Delia, Nigel Slater. I am sure River Cafe did a 'green' one (might not be 100% veggie, cannot remember. The Hamlyn 100 recipe series did one. Cranks did one (loved the homity pies!). Sarah Brown too. Also Celia Brookes Brown (or is it the other way around??!!)

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