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Raspberry and white chocolate waffle pudding? Pampered chef recipe??

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nannyjo Sun 26-Aug-07 22:43:30

Has anyone got the recipe book from pampered chef from about 2/3 years ago. It's basically raspberry, white chocolate and waffles with a creme fraiche and egg mixture then cooked but thats about all i can remember. Not sure on how to put together in what order and how long to cook for etc.

Can anyone halp please??


Lmccrean Sun 26-Aug-07 22:44:50

damn...I just deleted the text I had with the ingredients.. My mate does it so ill call her and get it for you (it is to die 4 .....mmmm)

nannyjo Sun 26-Aug-07 22:46:02

thank you that would be great smile

Lmccrean Sun 26-Aug-07 22:46:40

erm, just saw the time...might not call now

nannyjo Sun 26-Aug-07 22:50:14

thats fantastic thankyou, just got to work out all the abbreviations for the measurements smile I'm not treally much of a chef, can you tell??

Lmccrean Sun 26-Aug-07 22:51:23

ooops its american. but just remembered I copied it down before I deleted it...

10 waffles (1 and a bit packets of the mcvities ones)
500ml soured cream
1tbsp flour
3tbsp caster sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
3 eggs
300g raspberries
150g white choc

Lmccrean Sun 26-Aug-07 22:52:01

its 180c for about 25 mins (if you can wait that long!)

nannyjo Sun 26-Aug-07 22:54:12

thank you

I'm salivating at the thought grin

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