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Shopping trolley recommendation

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LemonPrism Fri 27-Dec-19 18:04:02

Hi all,

I'm in need of recommendations for a sturdy shopping/granny trolley.

I don't own a car anymore and so have to get the bus with my weekly shop and I'm beginning to hurt my shoulders.

I've had one before but the wheel snapped off on the second use and so I want one which comes recommended by frequent users.

I'll need it to get on and off buses and will have to get it up three flights of stairs.

Please please help my poor aching shoulders! Thanks

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kateandme Sat 28-Dec-19 05:37:23

a few people i know have had the Rolser Saquet Trolley.said its lightweight and really good.might be worth a look and at the reviews for that one.

LeGrandBleu Sat 28-Dec-19 05:51:56

I used to love my Ikea one, then we moved to Australia and I now use the car all the time.
But have a look at it.

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