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Best leftover turkey pie recipe

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WanttoFindWorkLifeBalance Thu 26-Dec-19 07:55:06

Family all very keen on a turkey pie tomorrow. Anyone have a good recipe?

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Thecatisboss Thu 26-Dec-19 08:02:51

Jamie Oliver's Turkey and leek people - serves about 8 I think so usually halve it

WanttoFindWorkLifeBalance Thu 26-Dec-19 08:07:24

Looks good - thank you @thecatisboss

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MyCatScaresDogs Thu 26-Dec-19 08:23:53

Nigella’s turkey and ham pie from Feast.

Wigeon Thu 26-Dec-19 08:32:32

I second Jamie Oliver here. So delicious!

Ricekrispie22 Thu 26-Dec-19 08:45:27

The Hairy Bikers have a good one which includes left over stuffing.

f00k Thu 26-Dec-19 10:03:08

I'm doing this one but using turkey obviously. I've made it before with chicken and it was delicious.

Movinghouseatlast Thu 26-Dec-19 10:05:15

Delia's Turkey Flan with Leeks and cheese is utterly divine.

WanttoFindWorkLifeBalance Thu 26-Dec-19 11:21:42

They all look lovely - thank you! I think I might try Jamie this time. Definitely storing the others for next time I have turkey/chicken leftover though.

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