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Meringue roulade

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Guineapiggiesmalls Tue 24-Dec-19 17:46:53

Help! I bravely offered to make dessert tomorrow for Christmas lunch at my in-laws. We need to leave at 9:30am to get there. Can I make the meringue part of the roulade tonight and roll it with the whipped cream and filling tomorrow morning?! Or does it need to be assembled while hot...?

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MoltoAgitato Tue 24-Dec-19 17:48:07

You can do the whole shebang tonight.

Lougle Tue 24-Dec-19 17:52:43

You can make the meringue and bake it tonight, then cover it with a clean tea towel and assemble it tomorrow.

I always use this recipe and it's fail-safe.

magicstar1 Tue 24-Dec-19 18:02:31

Yes, do the meringue tonight and let it cool. Never try to assemble it hot! Your cream would just be a puddle.

floppybit Tue 24-Dec-19 18:08:56

@Lougle , I really want your failsafe recipe but the link won't work?!

Palavah Tue 24-Dec-19 18:16:07

Don't assemble it hot, but based on my watching or GBBO, if you roll the meringue while warm and then let it cool it will make it easier to roll when it's cooled.

Lougle Tue 24-Dec-19 18:22:11

How odd, floppybit, it works for me when I check it.

Try that? It's the Tesco Real Food Red Berry Meringue Roulade.

floppybit Tue 24-Dec-19 19:25:40

@Lougle yes, that's working for me now, looks delicious 😋

Lougle Tue 24-Dec-19 19:27:30

It's so easy and it's really impressive when it's done. I've found that you can roll it from the short end to give really big slices, or if you need it to go further, rolling it from the long edge gives many more slices of a smaller roll, which can be handy for a social event.

Guineapiggiesmalls Tue 24-Dec-19 19:55:07

Thank you all - I‘be just had a false start when my meringue totally collapsed, but one emergency trip to the garage for more eggs and I’m starting optimistic!

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Lougle Tue 24-Dec-19 20:06:44

Have you put lemon juice or cream of tartar in it? It stabilises the egg white.

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