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Can you overcook slow cooker gammon??

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FusionChefGeoff Sat 21-Dec-19 20:01:21

3kg joint, boiled for 5 mins then discard salty water then cooked it in coke for about 7-8 hours in the slow cooker on low then basted with glaze for 20 mins in medium oven.

I thought meat cooked on low is supposed to get nicer if done for longer..

It was really tasty but quite tough - any tips??

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FatAndFurious7 Sat 21-Dec-19 20:06:37

Was it fully submerged in the cola? I've done this before and there was quite a firm chunk on the part that was sticking up out of the liquid but all the submerged bits were lovely and they were in for nearly 9 hours while I was at work

FusionChefGeoff Sat 21-Dec-19 20:32:39

Yes it was all in the coke - it's a mystery!!

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FusionChefGeoff Sun 22-Dec-19 08:32:13

Bumping as I've got another one to cook on Tuesday!!!!

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PullingMySocksUp Sun 22-Dec-19 08:34:28

Mine is a bit dry if overcooked. Was yours?
I only give mine 5 hours.

FusionChefGeoff Sun 22-Dec-19 08:43:39

Yes it was dry / tough but it was massive for a start so I thought it would need quite a long time

Perhaps I'll do it for less time and see if that helps

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