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Mixed Nuts

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humblesims Thu 19-Dec-19 10:38:13

I'm making a veggy nut roast for a couple of Christmas guests. What's the most economical option for buying mixed chopped nuts? The regular supermarkets are pretty expensive. Is it practical to buy whole nuts and chop them up in the food processor? Anytips?

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Xiaoxiong Thu 19-Dec-19 10:51:42

Lidl (and so I assume Aldi also) has big bags of cheap nuts. I hear costco does too, though no direct experience. Or if there is an Asian supermarket near you they often have big bags of peanuts, cashews etc.

Xiaoxiong Thu 19-Dec-19 10:52:53

And yes, I buy whole nuts or whatever is cheapest per kg and pulse a few times in the food processor. Not too long though, or you'll have nut flour!

MustardScreams Thu 19-Dec-19 10:53:59

Aldi do cheap nuts, Amazon are also good, or an Asian supermarket is a good bet.

Ocomeocomeimaginaryfleas Thu 19-Dec-19 10:58:40

Lidl definitely. The mix of nuts is better than a lot of supermarkets which tend to be heavy on peanuts because they're cheap. The nuts are whole so you'll need to pulse them carefully in a processor to get chopped nuts. Don't overdo it or you'll have an oily mess.

Almonds, Brazils, cashews and walnuts give a good base.

I'm doing Sarah Brown's bombproof cashew and mushroom layered nut roast, as I do every year. Only cashews required!

humblesims Thu 19-Dec-19 14:36:29

Oh thanks for the tips. There's a couple of asian shops on the high street. I'll check out Lidl too.
Mmmm cashew and mushroom sounds lovely actually.
I like the sound of that.

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abstractzebra Thu 19-Dec-19 14:39:56

I did a lentil loaf with added cashews, chestnuts and cranberry sauce and got the cashews from Poundland.
Reasonable size pack and I just snapped them a bit by hand as they were already a bit broken.

Ocomeocomeimaginaryfleas Thu 19-Dec-19 17:05:54

The layered cashew and mushroom roast is from Sarah Brown's book Vegetarian Kitchen, from the 80s TV series of the same name. Google the recipe and you'll find it easily. It's a real winner, and not much work. Goes perfectly with all the usual Christmas trimmings.

pontiouspilates Thu 19-Dec-19 17:22:31

I love the Jack Monroe nut loaf, simple and really tasty.

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