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Forgot to take the bay leaves out

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AnneLovesGilbert Wed 18-Dec-19 18:46:14

I made mushroom soup and put two bay leaves in it.

Completely forgot about them and whizzed it all up. Is it going to be safe to eat or do I have to bin the lot?

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whyamidoingthis Wed 18-Dec-19 18:48:19

It won't poison anyone. Taste it but I'd say it won't be too strong.

maxelly Wed 18-Dec-19 20:16:05

Bay is not poisonous, just a bit bitter and can be tough if left whole. In a big batch blended up it will probably be fine, just taste and season accordingly, if it's really strong add some sugar to counter?

AnneLovesGilbert Wed 18-Dec-19 21:05:52

Thank you both. The flavour is lovely, it was two bay leaves to 600g mushrooms so it’s not even really noticeable but there’s something sharp in the texture - I had a teaspoon to check - and I’m not sure if it’s in my head. I debated sieving it but then I’d lose any mushrooms bits. I was so stupid. Ragingly sleep deprived and so forgetful. But I hate wasting things so I’ll try it again in the morning and whizz some more to see if it helps.

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fallfallfall Wed 18-Dec-19 21:12:39

Choking hazard?? Can you sieve it?

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