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Vegetarian Buffet Ideas please?

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KagzyKoo Tue 17-Dec-19 19:27:37

All guests have been asked to bring a dish.

Can anyone give me some ideas please?!

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homemadecommunistrussia Tue 17-Dec-19 19:29:58

Quiche I am so sad if I go to a buffet and there's no quiche. Cheese and onion is fine with me.grin

Lovelyjubbly45 Tue 17-Dec-19 19:32:44

Ricotta and spinach filo pastry pie if u can be bothered, cheese and biscuits if not

c75kp0r Tue 17-Dec-19 19:44:03

chiz and pineapple on a stick

mix cooked rice, noodles, chipsticks, peas, soya sauce and lime juice to make a salad - surprisingly tasty though I've never bothered to put the chipsticks in it.

haloumi fries

devilled eggs

onion bhajis, pakoras etc

hummus with things to dip in it

Mominatrix Tue 17-Dec-19 19:46:34

A warm salad-y thing would be nice like like a roast butternut squash/onion/lentil (Ottolhengi has a nice recipe). Other options would be a Mediterranean chickpea salad, couscous and roast veg salad.

Other ideas would be a vegetable tart, a baked pasta dish (stuffed shells, veggie lasagne), vegetarian chilli, or pulled jackfruit.

Simonsaysitschristmas Tue 17-Dec-19 21:10:29

Brie and cranberry or goats cheese and caramelised onion tartlets

DartmoorChef Tue 17-Dec-19 21:13:04

Sausage rolls using Linda McCartney sausages


Padron peppers stuffed with goats cheese

Pesto pasta with pine nuts and feta

pumpkinpie01 Tue 17-Dec-19 21:16:25

Homemade potato salad
Cheese and onion rolls
French stick
Potato wedges with paprika
Cheese board

Lordfrontpaw Tue 17-Dec-19 21:17:37

Salads - potato or coleslaw

LazyFace Tue 17-Dec-19 21:41:00

These are all good. But as an ex-vegetarian: we like to eat vegetables not just simple carbs. I usually take salady things, vegetable sticks, fruit to any buffet and they tend to all be gone quickly. People need fibre.

PurpleDaisies Tue 17-Dec-19 21:45:03

Homemade coleslaw.
Corn on the cob.
Greek salad.
Grilled aubergines with a sesame dressing.

tabulahrasa Tue 17-Dec-19 21:50:35

“But as an ex-vegetarian: we like to eat vegetables not just simple carbs.“

We?... I love a beige buffet...

PigeonofDoom Tue 17-Dec-19 22:12:59


PigeonofDoom Tue 17-Dec-19 22:15:09

That should say sheet nachos blush
Tortilla chips with regrows beans, guacamole, salsa and grated cheese, cooked in the oven until the cheese is melted. So good

PigeonofDoom Tue 17-Dec-19 22:15:32

*refried beans

I give up!

FamilyOfAliens Tue 17-Dec-19 23:08:47

Pastry is a lazy option for vegetarians.

Bring an interesting salad with unusual ingredients - the Oh She Glows chickpea salad is delicious and has fresh dill and mustard as well as garlic and pickled dill cucumbers.

Meera Sodha’s Black Rice and Chargrilled Broccoli salad has the most amazing dressing with cashews, miso paste, maple syrup and lemon juice.

homemadecommunistrussia Wed 18-Dec-19 07:32:33

I wouldn't assume all vegetarians want only healthy options.

Cmagic7 Wed 18-Dec-19 08:08:55

Both of those recipes look brilliant @FamilyOfAliens!

PurpleDaisies Wed 18-Dec-19 08:11:56

I agree @Cmagic7. Perfect for serving with a nice pastry main course. wink

Weekday28 Wed 18-Dec-19 08:17:36

Those little stuffed red things - peppers?! My brain isnt working this morning but those are the absolute best thing.

Torvi Wed 18-Dec-19 10:17:46

Spanish tortilla is great

Wearywithteens Wed 18-Dec-19 10:25:25

I’m a vegetarian and I wouldn’t like most of these choices especially the egg based ones - yuck.
I would like:
Nice salads, rice/pasta/zingy coleslaw (not mayo drenched one)
fresh crusty bread and butter,
cheese board and pickles,
Warm veggie rolls (cheese&onion or soya)

mummyof2girls18 Wed 18-Dec-19 10:28:35

Cous cous with roasted veggies salad
Fattoush salad with bulgur rice
Parsley and egg quiche
Vegetarian nachos
Creamy Mushroom penne pasta

notacooldad Wed 18-Dec-19 10:36:44

For mine on big day I'm putting on , amongst things,

Hummus with pomegranate seeds
Baba ganesh
Roast cauliflower with garlic thi dip
Frekeh and pomegranate and feta salad
Shanklish cheese with za'atar and paprika
Chili chickpea crackers
Asparagus and cheese quiche
Various sandwiches such as soft cheese, date and walnut, cheese and apricot etc
Home made veggie koftas

notacooldad Wed 18-Dec-19 10:59:58

Meant boxing day

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