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Anyone got a recipe for a quick and easy satay sauce

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novadandypowder Thu 23-Aug-07 13:53:50

Want to make it for me and my toddler tonight for dinner - I'm guessing it will involve some peanut butter

CountessDracula Thu 23-Aug-07 13:56:05

2 tablespoons peanut butter
1 tablespoon sweet chili sauce
1 tablespoon tamarind paste
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 teaspoon caster sugar
1 tablespoon lime juice

CountessDracula Thu 23-Aug-07 13:56:21

Are you coming to xmas party again nova??/

novadandypowder Thu 23-Aug-07 15:59:42

Thanks - I don't have tamarind paste, is it really essential??

Not sure about xmas party, may do as this year I'm not pg/ with small child, and DH owes me many nights out!!

CountessDracula Thu 23-Aug-07 16:00:42

dunno, it is a very specific taste I guess
Where are you
I have some in teh fridge you can borrow

CountessDracula Thu 23-Aug-07 16:01:47

here is xmas thread would be great to see you again (but only if you wear a sack and a bag on your head so as not to show me up)

CountessDracula Thu 23-Aug-07 16:03:36

Substitutes for Tamarind, again there were a few answers.
You are right. There are a load of substitutes to Tamarind, like the lemon juice which is more convenient. But Tamarind has a subtle taste, to add the bitterness to a certain curries like Sambar, where a substitute is just not good enough.
if I've not got any tamarind I use a 50:50 mixture of lemon juice and redcurrant jelly.
Also if you don't like the stickness you can use Amchur powder instead (Green Mango Powder). The taste is almost the same.

CountessDracula Thu 23-Aug-07 16:04:47

(sorry i cut and pasted that I am not mad and talking to myself)

novadandypowder Thu 23-Aug-07 19:58:16

Well, I used the redcurrant jelly and lemon substitute and cut some chicken into little strips for dipping into the satay, which I put into egg cups. I thought it was blardy lovely, my dd took one bite and wrinkled her nose up in disgust.

Tomorrow it's fish fingers and chips

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