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Best make-ahead chocolate cake?

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GraceVanPelt Tue 10-Dec-19 12:30:50

I've been asked to make someone a chocolate cake as a Christmas present, which is fine, except for the fact that I'll have to make it on 22nd and give it on 25th (and it probably won't get cut until 26th!), so I need to find one of those elusive recipes that doesn't dry out, or even improves over time (like a ginger cake, which I'm making for someone else). Do you have a tried and tested recipe that would fit the bill?

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Artesia Thu 12-Dec-19 19:33:25

Nigellas chocolate olive oil
Cake, made with flour rather than almonds (she gives the quantity adjustment in the recipe). It’s never let me down and is better after a few days.

GraceVanPelt Thu 19-Dec-19 14:41:52

Thank you @Artesia! I've done a trial run and it's bloody lovely fgrin

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Artesia Thu 19-Dec-19 15:00:47

So pleased you like it- the recipe has never let me down!!

JoyceJames Thu 26-Dec-19 16:39:58

That olive oil cake truly is delicious. Thank you for the recipe.

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