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Do u put put butter on toast...

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Stokey1412 Tue 10-Dec-19 06:36:58

If you're having peanut butter on it ?

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Savingforarainyday Tue 10-Dec-19 06:38:59

Well, yes. That's what makes it delicious

Ginfordinner Tue 10-Dec-19 06:39:54

Yes. It is too claggy without

dementedpixie Tue 10-Dec-19 06:40:13

Yes, because peanut butter isnt actually butter

OhWellThatsJustGreat Tue 10-Dec-19 06:42:45

Yes, peanut butter is too thick, you need that yummy buttery layer underneath.

Strawberrycreamsundae Tue 10-Dec-19 06:45:22

No, just peanut butter 😋

WinnerWinnerChickenDinner0 Tue 10-Dec-19 06:45:28

Good lord no!!!!

chickenandwhat Tue 10-Dec-19 06:51:12

I didn't use to, but DH did some for me with butter too and I'm a convert.

chardonm Tue 10-Dec-19 06:51:17


DoctorTwo Tue 10-Dec-19 07:07:20

I wouldn't be having peanut butter because I don't like it. Toast allowed to go cold spread thickly with salted butter is the proper job.

ExpletiveFairylighted Tue 10-Dec-19 07:08:13

Yes, I agree it's too claggy without it.

MiniGuinness Tue 10-Dec-19 07:09:59

No. But I am going to try after the way people describe it with. It certainly sounds better.

Sparklybaublefest Tue 10-Dec-19 07:11:50

oh yes,

MustardScreams Tue 10-Dec-19 07:13:33

Absolutely not! I do put jam on the peanut butter often though.

BaronessBomburst Tue 10-Dec-19 07:15:24

Peanut butter is called peanut cheese in Dutch, which is a much better term. It's thick, claggy, and most definitely not butter!

NewBlueGoo Tue 10-Dec-19 07:21:08

Whaaaaat? People have butter on peanut butter toast? I have never heard of this! And it makes me feel a bit queasy!

Apolloanddaphne Tue 10-Dec-19 07:30:05

No not with peanut butter.

HeronLanyon Tue 10-Dec-19 07:31:59

No. I used to but began finding it too fatty/oily. I put sliced gherkins on top to give it some wet and tang.

Stokey1412 Tue 10-Dec-19 07:34:30

@HeronLanyon confusedconfusedconfused

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TowelStripes Tue 10-Dec-19 07:36:23

Oh god yes, I do. Love it

ThursdayLastWeek Tue 10-Dec-19 07:37:21

I do, but my husband doesn’t.

HeronLanyon Tue 10-Dec-19 07:44:28

stokey I know it’s a divider or even a minority interest! It’s honestly gorgeous - sharp tang cuts through richness of pb. smile

WeirdPookah Tue 10-Dec-19 08:12:39

No way! Sometimes a tiny bit of Vegemite though!

gothefcktosleep Tue 10-Dec-19 08:17:14

Nope.... literally never considered it. Jame on top sometimes though. Yum.

damnthatanxiety Tue 10-Dec-19 09:50:39

People saying 'yes because peanut butter is not actually butter' as if it is mandatory to have butter on toast

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