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Merlin Tue 21-Aug-07 17:00:44

Anyone got a nice recipe?

Or can anyone recommend one of those 'readymixed' ones you can buy?


Merlin Tue 21-Aug-07 17:11:10


policywonk Tue 21-Aug-07 17:28:03

Have not made this myself yet - have been saving it for winter

<looks out of the window>

I'll be making it tonight

2 oranges
400ml cranberry juice
1 cinnamon stick
6 coriander seeds
200g raspberries, fresh or frozen
@ 6-8 tbsp caster sugar

Pare 3 strips of rind from the orange. Place in a large pan with the cranberry juice, cinnamon stick and coriander seeds. Heat until simmering. Simmer for 3 mins. Squeeze juice from oranges and add to pan. Press raspberries through sieve to remove pips (reserve some for decoration if you can be arsed). Stir raspberry puree into the pan along with sugar. Warm gently and serve.

policywonk Tue 21-Aug-07 17:30:44

Should have said it serves four

IncredibleShrinkingMumbletonia Wed 22-Aug-07 04:21:09

This is my favorite punch called "Banana Crush". If you google it you'll find the actual recipes contain ick amounts of sugar that it doesn't need.

Mix together in blender 4 bananas, 3 mugs pineapple juice, 3 mugs orange juice. Freeze in zip top bags.

When ready to serve, you can either:

Put a big block of frozen mixture in a punchbowl, break it up into little chunks and pour 7-Up in to fill bowl. Mix around until slushy.


Scoop a couple spoonfuls into a glass and pour in the 7-up, then stir into slushy goodness.

slim22 Wed 22-Aug-07 04:23:26

jamie's ginger lemonade?

crush 3 lemons and ginger and sugar top with soda water and ice and add mint leaves if you like the taste.

Merlin Wed 22-Aug-07 17:38:50

Thanks all - loads to try out now!!!!

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