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Stupid defrosting question

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Evilspiritgin Sat 23-Nov-19 16:18:46

Hi ,

I defrosted a portion of spag Bol overnight in the fridge , I’ve just turned it out into the pan and it felt like there’s still some ice crystals in it, the cooker was on so it’s now definitely defrosted, is it safe to eat if I cook it throughly

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Watto1 Sat 23-Nov-19 16:19:47

As long as you heat it until it’s piping hot it will be fine.

Evilspiritgin Sat 23-Nov-19 16:19:50

I don’t usually question myself like this

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Evilspiritgin Sat 23-Nov-19 16:20:23


🙏 thanks

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PullingMySocksUp Sat 23-Nov-19 16:20:31

Yes of course. Because it’s in small pieces it’ll all get hot in the middle.

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