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Pigletthedog Fri 22-Nov-19 20:33:16

My grandma used to make something called 'Luptons' or 'Lucktons' pudding. It was cold, and a combination of stewed apples, cream, grated chocolate and some kind of oat topping.

My sisters and I would love to create this but haven't found a recipe. Is it something my Grandma made up or has anyone heard of it??

My grandma grew up in Worcestershire/Birmingham if that helps.

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NachoFries Sat 23-Nov-19 07:46:01

@Pigletthedog I have no idea. But do you have any relatives who have had your Grandma’s pudding and can help?

Pigletthedog Sat 23-Nov-19 13:31:54

That's all any of us can remember really ... my sister said she asked my grandma how to make it once and grandma said she couldn't remember either grin. So it might just be a case of trial and error

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magimedi Sat 23-Nov-19 13:34:19

I'd look for the local WI close to where you grandma lived & see if you can get them to ask any of their members. Or write to a couple of local papers.

And if you do find the recipe can you tell us?

CatUnderTheStairs Sat 23-Nov-19 13:36:28

Apple trifle....

Pigletthedog Sun 24-Nov-19 20:46:48

Wow @CatUnderTheStairs that is remarkably similar!! Will give it a go - thank you! !

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