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Healthy party buffet foods

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chocohead Mon 20-Aug-07 13:05:01

Any ideas welcome please

I am having a party for my dds 2nd birthday

Want all the food to be healthish, then i will not get moaned at by everyone.

I was thinking of doing veg sticks with houmous dip, homemade chicken nuggets,

I would like to do couscous but don't know what to add

As you can see from my list i haven't got very far, Please help

greenday Mon 20-Aug-07 13:18:42

Fruit salad
Pots of yoghurt

Homemade chicken nuggets sound like quite a hassle to make though. What about wraps spread with cream cheese and ham, rolled up like swiss roll - they're pretty and presentable.

katylou25 Mon 20-Aug-07 13:56:21

H/m pizza always goes down well - can put sweetcorn, good quality ham and stuff on it.

what about that old fave cheese and pineapple sticks!

strawbs and grapes - or fruit kebabs

Greensleeves Mon 20-Aug-07 13:58:43

homemade houmous with fruit and veg crudites (apple, pear, red/green/yellow pepper, carrot, celery, cucumber etc)

Very colourful and lovely

also chop tortilla wraps into small pieces, layer them up into little towers with cheese/houmous/peanut butter/ham/whatever, and then secure each with a cocktail stick

chocohead Mon 20-Aug-07 17:26:32

Wow they all sound like great ideas

Thanks, can't wait to make and taste themx

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