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Keeping food hot

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BlueCowWonders Mon 18-Nov-19 15:54:34

If you're serving a meal for a crowd, how do you keep food piping hot? My (extended) family only like meals that will burn their mouth hmm
I always preheat serving dishes and plates but was wondering about the tea-light style food warmers.
Anyone tried them out at home? Do they work?

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handbagsatdawn33 Mon 18-Nov-19 18:11:59

Very 1970's dinner parties, LOL! They do work, but I threw mine away when a thicko guest burned their hand because they didn't realise that the container would be hot.

Now, I do as you do - warm serving dishes & plates and guests can take it or leave it.

Noflora Mon 18-Nov-19 20:53:07

I have inherited 2 of these. They make feeding a crowd so easy.

GrannyHaddock Mon 18-Nov-19 21:58:41

You need an electric Hostess Trolley! Indeed a step back in time.

Impatientwino Mon 18-Nov-19 22:19:51

I have one of these

Von shef on Amazon - £38

Have used it so many times and it's great, the serving dishes can be taken off so can use as one big hot plate if preferred.

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