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fruitypancake Sun 17-Nov-19 17:19:46

We have just moved house and have a huge apple tree with loads of apples falling. Looking for ideas/ recipes please

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SingingLily Sun 17-Nov-19 17:23:50

We had a bumper crop this year so I made purée and froze it. It freezes really well. Pies and crumbles will be on the menu now well into New Year.

Ricekrispie22 Sun 17-Nov-19 17:32:25

What type of apples? Eating or cooking?

thismeansnothing Sun 17-Nov-19 17:32:36

Baked apples with mincemeat. YUM

Apple crumble.

Puree to stir into porridge or just have on its own with some crunchy brown sugar and cinnamon

fruitypancake Sun 17-Nov-19 18:41:27

Eating apples

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fruitypancake Sun 17-Nov-19 18:41:54

Thank you for all ideas, good to know it freezes well

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Ricekrispie22 Sun 17-Nov-19 19:36:51

Eve’s pudding
Waldorf salad
Pork and apple burgers
Apple snow
Toad in the hole
Jamie Oliver’s pork and apple sausage rolls
Finely chop the apples and cook them into porridge with some cinnamon.

Kaz2200 Mon 18-Nov-19 12:24:57

Dissolve brown sugar in hot water with cinnamon, add very finely diced apple, remove from heat and allow to cool. Decant into small pots. Add to porridge, yoghurt ice cream, delicious.

FawnDrench Mon 18-Nov-19 17:52:29

Apple cake - loads of different recipes depending on your taste.

fruitypancake Mon 18-Nov-19 21:49:44

Thank you all.. yes need to get more inventive than apple crumble smile

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Auberjean Mon 18-Nov-19 22:59:26

I grate mine into porridge raw.

4merlyknownasSHD Tue 19-Nov-19 10:14:16

Tarte Tatin is perfect with eating apples.

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