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Can I freeze my cake?

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sometimesalways Sun 17-Nov-19 10:03:22

It's DS's birthday this week (yay!) but it's right after a very full and stressful workday so I am worried I won't have time to make him a cake to take to the nursery the next morning (I am not an experience baker so I need time and relative peace to do it properly). I really want to make sure he has a nice cake for his little group, he will be so happy!

I thought I might make it today and freeze it and then leave it to thaw overnight before the actual day. But can I freeze cake? I have never done it before.

It's going to be a carrot cake if it makes a difference. Is this a terrible idea?

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Falafel19 Mon 18-Nov-19 23:29:14

Yes you can freeze cake no problem, just wrap it well in clingfilm and then a tied plastic bag.

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