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Christmas pudding

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Stillinwest Fri 15-Nov-19 17:29:26

I need help!! Made 8 christmas puddings for gifts. 1 and 2 pint size. Cooked as recipe stated. The first two still had a lot of suet showing around the pudding. The next 6 puddings appromate size 1 pint bowls I cooked in slow cooker on high for approx 10hrs and some 12 hrs. The suet still hasn't dissolved. It's cost a lot of money for what I thought would be a lovely gift. They look awful.
What can I do!!

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luckygreeneyes Fri 15-Nov-19 17:38:29

What recipe did you use? How long did you steam for?

HappydaysArehere Tue 19-Nov-19 15:20:05

I have just used Delia Smith’s recipe and filled a one litre bowl and three quarters of a smaller one. It’s been on since about two o’clock but isn’t really simmering. I put boiling water around it to begin with. Now wondering what to do when I go to bed. I thought I read it takes about same time as normal steaming but obviously this isn’t right. Now worrying to read that Stillinwest has uncooked suet showing.after 10 hours of cooking. Will I have to sleep on the floor next to it? Help!!!

Ricekrispie22 Tue 19-Nov-19 16:28:28

Turn them into truffles with this recipe and you can still give them as gifts, which was a lovely idea
You’ll get a lot of truffles from 10 puddings, so you could also gift jars of this Christmas pudding caramel
Alternatively, stick some in the blender nearer to Christmas and made this cheesecake

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