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Christmassy cheesecake try outs, new flavours please apply

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noodledoodler Thu 14-Nov-19 21:10:46

I'll start. Chocolate orange, with double chocolate cookie biscuit base. Undecided between teensy pieces of actual chocolate orange or A frys orange chocolate bar. Might have to taste test a few cookie brands too, just to check which one is most gorgeous.

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Mumdiva99 Thu 14-Nov-19 21:20:53

Tiramisu cheesecake. Dark chocolate biscuit base. Coffee cheesecake. Topped with kalhua cream.....there may be a way to better this....

noodledoodler Thu 14-Nov-19 21:24:44

Oh my, mumdiva, are they two different cheesecakes? I am thinking minis, hence willing to experiment. Can you get miniatures of kahula?
I think you can get chocolate flavoured coffees that might work with the kahula. Liking the chocolate base idea, do you use butter to bind it or just the booze?

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Ivysaurus Thu 14-Nov-19 21:53:50

Custard cream cheesecake. I made this once, custard creams for the base, obvs. The filling was cream cheese with custard mixed together along with vanilla. Then topped with some broken custard creams (just before serving though, as they go soft if left)
Was amazing. It was a Tasty recipe (Facebook page) just Google it for the video

Mumdiva99 Thu 14-Nov-19 22:02:19

I don't think you could put alcohol in the base, not sure it would set. My idea....and that's all it is....was just for one cheesecake. I was trying to work in all my favourite bits of tiramisu - which is my favourite dessert ever. You can get minature Kalhua - but what would you use to make an espresso martini if you didn't buy the big bottle.....

feelinghelplesstoday Thu 14-Nov-19 22:19:21

After eight cheesecake. Thinking Oreo base, mint cheesecake topped with broken after eights x

noodledoodler Thu 14-Nov-19 22:47:43

Ivysaurus, I LOVE custard creams, defo going straight to the top of the list 😀. The mint sounds gorgeous too and how have I never had an expresso martini?????
I always love a few lindor chocs at christmas, maybe a tribute to that, oh my gosh, the combo box, how many cheesecake flavours would that make...... would that count as christmassy??? It'd have to be called something with santa in the name

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noodledoodler Thu 14-Nov-19 22:48:38

Feelinghelpless, regular oreo or mint oreo base though...... (drools)

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feelinghelplesstoday Thu 14-Nov-19 22:53:00

I'd go regular Oreo base

noodledoodler Thu 14-Nov-19 23:01:46

I've never made a cheesecake with any kind of cinnamon in it, tho that seems to be a very christmassy flavour. Kinda leaning towards some kind of pairing with ginger but not sure beyond that, I'd love it to be the all singing all dancing piece de resistance

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noodledoodler Thu 14-Nov-19 23:20:14

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MrsRedFly Fri 15-Nov-19 22:38:04

I like Mary Barry's lemon cheesecake with ginger base - refreshing after Christmas meal!

MrsRedFly Fri 15-Nov-19 22:39:51

And I made vanilla cheesecake with biscoff base & crumbled biscoff on top

noodledoodler Fri 15-Nov-19 23:28:36

Mrsredlady my MIL makes that recipe and its scrum. She doesn't use biscoff but I would use it for banoffee, gives a wee twist.
Today I was thinking about how I could use the cola flavour popping candy I found in my cupboard in a cheesecake

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AndMiffyWentToSleep Sat 16-Nov-19 07:27:01

@Mumdiva99 I’m loving your thinking! grin

AreYouOkayHun Sat 16-Nov-19 07:59:28

I've made baileys cheesecake, thinking maybe tia Maria this year. Dark chocolate digestive base with tia Maria cheesecake, topped with chocolate coffee beans.

Moltenpink Sat 16-Nov-19 08:02:34

Some sharp berries in the cheesecake with a crisp brûlée topping. Yum

DixieTrix Sat 16-Nov-19 08:18:21

What cream cheese make do you use please ? I've never made cheesecake before but I'd really like to give it a go

soloula Sat 16-Nov-19 08:31:33

Jane's patisserie online has some brilliant cheesecake recipes. I love her biscoff one. That went down a storm last Christmas.

Bill Granger's white chocolate cheesecake is another winner in our house.

We always do a cheesecake for xmas so looking forward to seeing what other suggestions folk have.

noodledoodler Sat 16-Nov-19 08:41:36

Dixie, I prefer Philadelpia, every now and then the supermarkets do a two for one or half price offer, that's usually when I buy it and make cheesecake. You can use any soft cheese though, supermarket own brands tend to be cheaper and almost as good.

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Auberjean Sat 16-Nov-19 09:03:43

This one is seasonal

I suppose that cranberry would work too. I used cranberries cooked with sugar (like jam) in fairy cakes with buttercream underneath once. They looked gorgeous and I took them into school for the end of term.

noodledoodler Sat 16-Nov-19 11:27:47

Auberjean that crab apple one looks great, I am defo going to try it next year, we usually make crab apple jelly with all our crab apples, this will make a lovely addition, especially on bumper fruit years.

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NachoFries Fri 29-Nov-19 16:54:39

White chocolate cranberry cheesecake
Frozen Christmas cheesecake pudding
Cranberry jam white chocolate mousse cheesecake

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