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pasta dish for a buffet. but not with salmon. ideas purlease...

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ja9 Sun 19-Aug-07 20:07:39


PestoMonster Sun 19-Aug-07 20:08:21

pesto pasta with black olives

ja9 Sun 19-Aug-07 20:17:25

i need more detailed directions than that pm

although <whispers> am not a peston fan....

orangina Sun 19-Aug-07 20:19:54

pine nuts, chopped fresh tomato, fresh basil and grated halloumi cheese?

Rosa Sun 19-Aug-07 20:25:38

Chicken, sweetcorn, peas , red peppers, touch of mayo/ yoghurt. Or if healthy olive oil and vinegar.

If you dont like pine nuts just go for olive oil diced fresh toms, finely chopped fresh basil and mozarella.

PestoMonster Sun 19-Aug-07 20:28:00

<<whispers back>>

Sorry to hear that!

Aitch Sun 19-Aug-07 20:28:38

loads of olive oil, lovely ripe salted chopped toms, torn basil and yummy fresh mozzarella. add oil and toms and half the basil to the pasta while hot, the other half and the cubed mozzie while a bit cooler, so that the mozzarella doesn't cook.

Aitch Sun 19-Aug-07 20:29:49

add more olive oil and give a stir before serving. also keep back the mozzarella 'juice' and add that if it looks like it's drying out.

ja9 Sun 19-Aug-07 21:02:44

thank you aitch . sounds yummy.

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