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This Weeks Menu Plan.....

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JARM Sun 19-Aug-07 17:54:02

Help me!

I so far have....

Monday : Roasted Veg Lasagne

Thats it!

Inspire me!

PeckaRolloverAgain Sun 19-Aug-07 17:56:34

Im doing home made vegetable soup and fresh baked bread.

Home made burgers with all of the trimmings

Pasta and meatballs with pasta sauce


Sausage/mash or toad in the hole with veg

littlerach Sun 19-Aug-07 17:56:58

We're having potato and aubergine curry, sausage and mash and brocoilo and carrots, fritatta and some kind of pasta dish this week.
Any help??

Slouchy Sun 19-Aug-07 17:59:02

We go away on thurs so we only have ..

Today: lasagne and garlic bread
Mon : thin cut steak sandwiches and salad
Tues : pasta with chorizo sausage, tomato and basil sauce
Wed : chicken passanda (jar) rice and naans
Thurs (kids lunch) tuna pasta bake

EscapeFrom Sun 19-Aug-07 17:59:39

Ham, brocolli and cheese sauce on pasta
roast chicken and trimmings
turkey mince curry and noodles (kids won't eat rice)
Salmon with new potatoes and veg
Cold chicken salad/fajitas made with leftover chicken

Bewilderbeast Sun 19-Aug-07 18:00:19

we're having a cheap week this week and making use of what's in the freezer so we're having:

Sun: Carbonara with garlic bread
mon: sausage and mash (although I am now tempted by toad in the hole)
tues: Scampi and chips
Wed: Spinach and Feta Chicken
Thurs: Frittata
Fri: homemade Pizza

policywonk Sun 19-Aug-07 18:00:30

Oooh ooh littlerach, I've been looking for a potato/aubergine curry recipe. Would it be too much to ask you to post it?

littlerach Sun 19-Aug-07 18:07:52

It's not a real recipe!! Something I invented.
Erm, I use the Pataks Balti paste (cheat!).

Chop an aubergine, a courgette and a pepper and roast for about 30 mins. I sometime sinclude tomatoes.

Parboil about 2 medium potatoes then drain.

Put a couple of dessert spoons of the paste in a hot pan and let it sizzle for a minute or so.

Add a tin of tomatoes and about 150mls water.

Add the veg and potatoes.

Simmer for about 20 mins or until potatoes are cooked.

Apologies if this sin't very accurate, I don't tend to pay attetiom to quantities.

I think I have also made this as a Tikke Masala and added yoghurt at the end.

I'm sure you'd get better quantities if you googled it

Wheelybug Sun 19-Aug-07 18:08:25

Trying to use up freezer and cupboards as off on hols on sunday for 2 weeks and then kitchen being refitted so

fish pie
chicken in a coconut milk sauce (sounds horrid now I write it but found a recipe to use up the tin of coconut milk in cupboard)
spicy sausage pasta
probably another pasta thing.

policywonk Sun 19-Aug-07 18:08:29

Thank you!!

Gobbledigook Sun 19-Aug-07 18:09:27

So far, mine is:

Monday - minted lamb kebabs and Mediterranean rice salad

Er, that's as far as I got

TheMoistWorldOfSeptimusQuench Sun 19-Aug-07 18:18:48

DD has gone on holiday with her dad this week so mine is:

Monday: Chips. Chocolate for pudding
Tuesday: Wine
Wednesday: More wine
Thursday: Gin
Friday: Tears, gnashing teeth and probably a bit more gin, if there's any left....

hippipotami Sun 19-Aug-07 18:33:10

Oh, I have for the first time ever, done a weekly menu.

Here goes:

Mo - pesto pasta with pinenuts and salmon
Tu - home made chicken goujons, homemade potato wedges, baked beans
We - sausage casserole
Thu - lasagna
Fri - homemade stirfry with chinese noodles, and will top that up with a dish from the chinese along with seaweed etc also from the chinese
Sat - hotdogs, salad, homemade deep filled potato skins
Sun - spanish pork and chorizo sausage stew type dish (loaded with red wine, red pepper, onions etc, very yummy) with freshly baked bread (from the breadmaker)

Have started menu planning in an attempt to stop haemorraging money to Sainsbury's.

LoveAngel Sun 19-Aug-07 20:01:22

I've started doing this since I went on a health eating thing (and seeing as I'm the cook in the house, what I cook goes!)

This week:

Mon - Salmon teriyaki w/ rice & steamed green veg
Tue - Lemon & garlic roast chicken w/ roast sweet potato, green beans & corn on the cob
Wed - King prawn & veg stirfry w/ brown rice
Thu - Moroccan chickpea curry, cous cous & green salad
Fri - Herb crusted cod w/ baked new potatoes & steamed green veg
Sat - Chargrilled chicken, roasted veg & salad
Sun - Spaghetti w/ prawns, clams, crab & mussels in white wine, chilli & herb sauce, with salad

BadKitten Mon 20-Aug-07 09:25:02

We got our first riverford meat box this week. Although we got the small one, thats meant to last for two weeks for 2 people, we think it will easily do 3 of us 3 weeks. It arrived friday.

Friday we had tacos with half the mince (froze the rest)
Saturday - pork stroganoff type thing with the sour cream left over from friday and half the pork cubes.
Sunday - a ginormous roast chicken. veg, roast pots and apple and raspberry crumble.
Monday - chicken noodle soup, bread and left over crumble.
Tuesday, left over chicken, mash and veg
Wednesday - pasta with tomatoey sauce. (need a meat break!)
Thursday - salmon (was half price) and ???
Friday - chicken curry (sunday leftovers from freezer) or stirfry

and so on.

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