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7 yo used to eat but won't eat ANY now. What can I do?

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Niecie Sun 19-Aug-07 14:13:42

My 7 yo DS used to eat all the fruit going as a baby and toddler. However, at the age of about 3 he slowly went off it until now, the only thing he will have is orange juice and apple strudel! He claims he doesn't like it even though he loved it all once and I was wondering if his tastes could have changed that much and if they did why?

He claims to like strawberries but if you give him one he nibbles at it like you are forcing him to eat raw slugs and politely declines most of the time.

Has anybody else had a child who has changed their preferences so dramatically and have they ever gone back to eating whatever it was that they claimed not to like?

I would like him to eat something as we need to have a better diet as a family and he is restricting our menus with his fussiness.

juicychops Sun 19-Aug-07 17:30:13

can you try hiding the vegetables in sauces such as bolognese sauce or home made pizzas. or try blending different fruit to make ice lollies or milkshakes?

MrsBigD Tue 21-Aug-07 09:41:53

Hi niecie, re veggies scond juicychops's recommendation to hide them in sauces. I usually put carrots and the like into bolognese sauce and kids eat it. Saying that mine actually arent too averse to fruit and vege. though dd is a bit of a fussy eater with 'I don't like it' without even having tried it. Took a leaf out of an acquaintances book though... 'you have two options for lunch/dinner etc.'.... 'eat it or go hungry'. DD is nearly 6 and went to bed hungry twice now but her attitude towards eating what I put infront of her definitely has improved. It's not as if I'd put something horrid on her plate anyhow but she's preferably live on nuggets an chips and chcolate. Now if she wants 'junk' I tell her she has to eat joghurt/banana/carrot etc first then she can have it ... I love blackmail .

As for change in tastes... DS used to be 'meat boy' and suddenly went of it completely in favour of bread and butter though he's only just 3 so I give him some leeway. But sometimes it takes dh to 'threaten' to eat ds's food before ds will eat

Another thing you could try is get a kids cookbook, sit down with ds and go through it for him to choose and help prepare it. Might do the trick.

Don't despair they're kids and have been sent to test us.

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