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Recommendations for mediterranean family cookbook

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Wills Tue 12-Nov-19 18:25:47

Could I have some recommendations for mediterranean cookbooks etc. I'm trying to convert my kids to a diet with far less meat in it, but am struggling with range. All food is home cooked/ unprocessed but its rare we eat vegetarian/vegan and I'd like to move to be the other way around. However my kids are all on the autism spectrum and therefore will hate change but the blender is doing ok so far - just would like to move away from tomato/veg blended down and put with pasta.

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Blondie1984 Wed 13-Nov-19 01:56:18

Rather than buying specific books (where many of the recipes might not be things your DC will eat initially) how about looking at recipes on websites etc? Eg the Jamie Oliver one, BBC Good Food, The Guardian etc

Wills Wed 13-Nov-19 11:37:42

ok, will do. Thanks for that!

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Lovelostnfoundx Wed 20-Nov-19 20:20:46

Middle-eastern recipes are good for flavour with lots of veggies and grains. I really like Persiana but I’d take a peek at the book before buying in case it’s a bit too drastic a change.

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