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Oh no! I ordered 10 chickens what can I do with them? Please help!!

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peoplepleaser1 Mon 11-Nov-19 08:12:23

I ordered 10 chickens online with Ocado to save a delivery spot. Thought I'd cancelled them but they arrived at 7am this morning! I tried to refuse delivery but that said I had to accept it as they are perishable.

I am an idiot.

So I have 3 in the freezer. I'm giving 2 to a friend. Leaving 5 to use. I have food sorted for most of this week already so I'm hoping I could maybe roast them and use the roast chicken meat to make recipes for the freezer.

Can anyone suggest some quick easy and ideally healthy things to do with an absolute mountain of roast chicken?

Or, would o be best to just roast it and then freeze the cooked meat in batches to use in things like fajitas and pies from frozen?

I'm such a fool and I'd love to make this a less expensive mistake by doing something with the chicken.....

CatUnderTheStairs Mon 11-Nov-19 08:18:16

I’d joint them and put in freezer or joint and make a chicken thigh casserole, freeze everything else. Dust the legs and wings with seasoning first then freeze and cook from frozen.

Or chicken pies and freeze or give to friends.

peoplepleaser1 Mon 11-Nov-19 08:21:16

Thank you @CatUnderTheStairs, I'm not sure how to joint them but maybe google will help.

justtheonethen Mon 11-Nov-19 08:22:20

I would just roast them, then strip off the meat and freeze ready to put into a curry/risotto/whatever.

Auberjean Mon 11-Nov-19 09:49:44

Freeze half raw and cook the rest. Freezes the cooked meat in smaller amounts

TwelveLeggedWalk Mon 11-Nov-19 09:52:15

Can I just say that this is brilliant.

I once reserved an early morning delivery slot with two bottles of gin and a box of nappies. I forgot, obviously, and the delivery driver turned up to find me quite blatantly hungover.

Always surprised social services didn't pop round after that one.

MaybeDoctor Mon 11-Nov-19 09:52:50

Save delivery spots with cleaning products and tins!

Can you advertise them for sale on your local Facebook group?

BlouseAndSkirt Mon 11-Nov-19 10:05:04

Cut it up into joints and freeze raw, then you can use it how you like.

Use scissors and a sharp knife. Cut down between the leg and breast, find the joint at the top of the thigh and cut through.

With really sharp tough scissors cut through along one side of the backbone- the flat bottom but when you have the breast on top. Open the chicken out and cut it in half along the breast.

Check on YouTube how to do this.

habipprtyh Mon 11-Nov-19 10:09:24

Congratulations OP

You now have a years supply of Mumsnet chicken grin

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Mon 11-Nov-19 10:11:02

Are these Famous Mumsnet Chickens?
If so, they'll feed you until Easter, let alone Christmas

Volvemos Mon 11-Nov-19 16:56:23

I’d roast them all and turn them into meals now. How long are the use by dates? I’d tackle one or two a day for the next three days if you can.

I’d also go for complete meals or things you just need to add rice or a side salad if you can. Then you’ll be making winter really easy for yourself!

So some ideas:
Chicken curry with green peppers and potatoes
Any type of risotto e.g. mushroom, butternut squash made with stock with chicken pieces added.
Chicken pie with sweetcorn and red peppers in a creamy sauce with a mashed potato or sweet potato crust.
Chicken stroganoff
Chicken in a tomato and red wine sauce with broccoli and red onion
Chicken lasagne
Chicken with noodles in a spicy peanut sauce with julienne carrots and spinach

BigFatLiar Mon 11-Nov-19 17:00:25

Boil one and make stock which is always useful and freezes. Use the meat in sandwiches or just for snacking.

StrictlyNameChangin Mon 11-Nov-19 17:01:20

This is brilliant! grin the Great Chicken Shortage for everybody else of 2019! grin

I think I'd get on you tube for tutorials on how to butcher (do I mean butcher?) a chicken. Freeze legs, wings, breasts. Roast the rest and strip and shred to freeze. Mix with bbq sauce for bbq pulled chicken. Make gallons of chicken stock from the carcasses. grin put yourself off chicken for life!

bobstersmum Mon 11-Nov-19 17:06:55

Oh dear haha! If it were me I'd freeze them all bar one or two and just have a roast twice a week for (ever)

Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Mon 11-Nov-19 17:15:47

If this happened to me, I'd be unable to freeze them all as I don't have enough space available in the freezer. Hope you actually all like chicken! You might be utterly sick of it by the end of this week, though.


Nat6999 Mon 11-Nov-19 17:19:55

Could you swap with a friend for some other food?

bilbodog Mon 11-Nov-19 17:33:27

Oh no! I would have to go out and buy a new freezer to fit them all in! Good luck 🤣🤣🤣

dollybird Mon 11-Nov-19 17:37:15

Out of interest, how much do you have to spend on ocado to reserve a spot?! On Sainsbury's it's only £25, so you'd get nowhere near ten chickens for that!

Someone I know had shopping delivered on holiday, then forgot to change the address back when they got home. Cue major embarrassment when the delivery driver phoned to ask where they were!!

CTRL Mon 11-Nov-19 17:39:37

Either cut them up and bag them and freeze them.

Batch cook them and put in containers in the freezer for a rainy day.

Save some for Xmas. I’m not sure how your Xmas dinner is but usually with my family we have a turkey, chicken, goose/ duck and fish.

CTRL Mon 11-Nov-19 17:40:34


You can either put in disposable containers for them to eat or you can bring them to a food shelter or a food bank

raisinseverywhere Mon 11-Nov-19 17:40:54

I’ve ordered 10 boxes of probiotic tablets to reserve my Xmas delivery slot. I hope I remember to update it!

CTRL Mon 11-Nov-19 17:41:00

Lol sorry for the capitals, I just get so excited about charity work!

BiddyPop Mon 11-Nov-19 17:43:20

Boil at least 1 if not 2. Include an onion and couple of carrots, handful herbs, in the water.

Stock to freeze or make soup/sauces with.

Cooked chicken to freeze in family dinner portions for various types of meals (great for quick “chicken and a jar of sauce” meals in the mad evenings in December!). And some in smaller portions for sandwiches, omlettes, wraps etc.

Keep some out for lunches this week (sandwiches, wraps, salads).

And don’t panic too much - delivered today probably means at least 2-3 days before they need to be cooked (use by on label), and another 2-3 days you can keep it cold in the fridge to still use safely once cooked.

PrincessHoneysuckle Mon 11-Nov-19 17:45:07

My xmas delivery slot is saved by 2 bottles of expensive champagne blush

Rainbowshine Mon 11-Nov-19 17:46:15

Message local friends to see if they want any?

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