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Best easily available olive oil

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VitreousHumour Sat 09-Nov-19 16:55:07

Hello. I'm getting married in a month and self-catering. I went to a Granger's a few weeks ago and one of the dishes was stracciatella with baked fennel - amazing, thinking about replicating it for my 'grazing table' (snigger - new posh word for buffet appaz). It came drizzled with olive oil which tasted fantastic - Grassy and fresh. I think without that it wouldn't be as good, so wondering if anyone have one like that which has been bought from a supermarket? I've got access to them all.

On a related note, I drank tangerine and mint cordial and want to replicate that as a soft drink. Thinking of using the monin's cordial - anyone tried it? And what other fancy pants soft drinks have you had that might be lovely to serve for those who aren't drinking?

Thanks in advance!

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sisteroutlaw Sun 10-Nov-19 10:57:59

Not tried Monins Cordial, but this stuff tastes fancy for non drinkers, Thorncroft's detox cordial:
Serve with mint and sparkling water as an ersatz non alcoholic Pimms.

VitreousHumour Sun 10-Nov-19 19:17:43

Oh that looks great - thanks a lot!

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Mominatrix Sun 10-Nov-19 19:27:02

Belzau do very nice olive oils and condiments. Their Verdemanda olive oil sounds like the flavour profile you are going for (grassy, lightly peppery).

VitreousHumour Sun 10-Nov-19 20:57:51

Perfect - thanks so much mominatrix.

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