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Food processor recommendations

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Kaz2200 Sat 09-Nov-19 07:56:26

Hi not sure if this is the right topic but looking for recommendations for a food processor. All I really need it for is grating. I have a kenwood mixer for baking, I have a thermomix for liquidising blending etc. My processor is broken and I am missing it for coleslaw etc.

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Xiaoxiong Sun 10-Nov-19 15:56:27

I have a magimix which I adore and has a grating disc, but if all you need it for is grating, I wouldn't shell out for a whole food processor - if you aren't confident with your knife skills, how about a mandolin or a cabbage grater? Like the kind you use to make sauerkraut. You can pick them up in Polish supermarkets sometimes or on amazon.

Shininginthedark Sun 10-Nov-19 16:29:10

A mandolin works much better for coleslaw - less washing up too! Interested in the cabbage grater - will look out for one if I am ever in a Polish shop.

Kaz2200 Sun 10-Nov-19 18:03:26

Thanks for the suggestions, my knife skills are good, I have a mandolin. But I do love a new gadget.

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Whitejotter Sun 10-Nov-19 18:42:52

But I do love a new gadget. Me too but despite having a huge kitchen -cupboard space is a problem.

Auberjean Mon 11-Nov-19 00:23:09

Gotta be a Magimix.

Kaz2200 Mon 11-Nov-19 10:38:59

Looks like it's a magimix on my Christmas list then.

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Auberjean Mon 11-Nov-19 11:33:47

You won't regret it. I have had mine 20 years and it's as good as new. I keep it on the work surface and even my teens used to use it to grate cheese and make biscuits and god knows what else. I also have a Kmix -3 years ago- and I think they're a waste on time in comparison. I can use the Magimix for everything and the Kmix for cake and bread and meringue only. And I can use the Magimix for those too, although I do think meringue is easier in the Kmix.

Whitejotter Mon 11-Nov-19 11:34:26

I have a Sage Food processor - things I like about it -
It is good at mincing meat
It has a variable slicer
The container is sealed - my magimix container was not sealed so often liquids created a mess.

Kaz2200 Mon 11-Nov-19 12:19:39

Never heard of sage, maybe I need to visit a good cookshop and have a look at a few.

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Whitejotter Mon 11-Nov-19 13:18:31

Never heard of sage It's the brand Heston Blumenthal works with. The other thing I like it the huge feeder tube.

Toughmonkeys Mon 11-Nov-19 14:08:41

I love my magimix, it's the best thing ever. Before that I was using my Aunts old magimix that was from the late 70s or early 80s. It was better than any other processor I'd worked my way through.

Sexnotgender Mon 11-Nov-19 14:12:36

Love my kitchenaid one.

WingingItSince1973 Mon 11-Nov-19 14:19:09

My friend swears by her magimix but I've always hankered after a kitchenaid but just not the price tag 😭 Would a magimix do everything? As in cakes etc too? X

Whitejotter Mon 11-Nov-19 16:09:47

I had a magimix before I got a Sage - it didn't come with all the attachments I wanted which were fairly pricey to buy separately. Annoyingly the motor stopped working when it was just over it's 10 year guarantee.

andyoldlabour Tue 12-Nov-19 15:14:42

We have a Braun Multipractic which is well over 30 years old. It is great and gets plenty of use. Easy to clean as well.

MoodLighting Thu 14-Nov-19 22:45:49

I just came on to post something similar. Magimix is going on the Christmas list then!

Auberjean Sat 16-Nov-19 10:52:20

@WingingItSince1973 I have made plenty of cakes in mine.

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