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Need dinner party dietary requirement help!

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Orangelover Thu 07-Nov-19 11:36:19

So over new year, we're going away with some friends and have hired a cottage in the middle of nowhere. For the big night we fancied a black tie dinner but due to cost/nothing suitable in the area we're going to do our own!

I LOVE cooking/hosting so I did offer to cater for the evening, with friends chipping in for the cost (They're going to cook the other two nights we're there). I wanted to produce something relatively simple enough so I don't spend the whole two days prior in the kitchen but tasty/fancy enough to wow them a little bit.

Had some lovely options in mind, but there's a couple coming that I don't know too well so I decided to throw out a group text to check if there was any dietary requirements. One of the girls has a fair few intolerances that I wasn't expecting and has thrown most of my ideas for starters and puddings!

I need to produce something that does involve, anything with yeast, cows milk or apples or mushrooms.

I'm going to do some sort of beetroot cured smoked salmon/capers concoction for the starter, roast leg of lamb/rack of lamb (depending what I can source from local butchers whilst we're there) and vegetables and a nice gravy for the main.

But it's the pudding I'm really stuck on! Can anyone think of a really nice non dairy pudding? I could do something cake based and substitute butter for vegetable margarine but I'm drawing a blank and keep wanting to put cream in everythingblush

Also, anyone got any nice recipes for canapés with goats cheese or buffalo mozzarella that don't involve yeast grin

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PurpleDaisies Thu 07-Nov-19 11:39:01

Also, anyone got any nice recipes for canapés with goats cheese or buffalo mozzarella that don't involve yeast

Puff pastry doesn’t have yeast in it. You could do little tartlets, cheese straws or pinwheels.

Alicia9999 Thu 07-Nov-19 11:53:46

Would agree on the puff pastry for canapes - just do some little tarts. In a big enough supermarket (or ocado) you can get a vegan one which means it'll be dairy free.

For desserts again just look for 'vegan' desserts on pinterest or blogs/instagram and you should get good ideas.

Palavah Thu 07-Nov-19 12:14:38

For pudding - I had a PHENOMENAL banoffee dessert made with coconut cream rather than dairy cream.

I don't have a recipe but should be easy enough to substitute if you find a digestive biscuit without milk powder in it

TheSandgroper Thu 07-Nov-19 12:16:09

I bake with margarine and rice milk all the time. I can do a good trifle. Because rice milk has no fat, I do use cornflour to hold the custard firm.

Rice milk can be a little gritty but allow it to sit a bit for proper absorption and it will be fine.

There was a thread a few days ago about rice pudding. Serve with snazzy fruit in booze.

NeedAnExpert Thu 07-Nov-19 12:26:52

Pineapple upside down cake with coconut added to the sponge? Served warm with dairy free ice cream?

TitaniaQueenOfTheFairies Thu 07-Nov-19 12:29:58

You can make a very nice mousse with dark chocolate and avocado.

For canapés you could do a roast tomato and buffalo mozzarella combo, with some charcuterie and figs stuffed with goat cheese.

bassclef Thu 07-Nov-19 12:38:02

Traditional Apfelstrudel can easily be made dairy free. The dough doesn't contain dairy or yeast (it's made with eggs and veg oil), and although my recipe calls for brushing with butter before baking, you could easily use math/ not bother.

bassclef Thu 07-Nov-19 12:39:02

Should have said - you can serve with dairy free ice cream (Swedish glacé is good)

onmyholibobs Thu 07-Nov-19 12:50:10

How about coconut cream panna cotta? Could serve with macerated berries to spoon over, or paoched rhubarb or mango?

Orangelover Thu 07-Nov-19 13:50:45

Ooooh thank you guys!

I am loving the idea of coconut cream panacotta! You've given me so many ideas thank you!

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StrawberryPi Thu 07-Nov-19 20:00:26

This chocolate mousse is dairy free (check your chocolate label to be sure!), suuuuuper easy and really delicious. You can add alcohol/orange/spices to jazz it up if you want but it really doesn't need it!

mumsnoangel Thu 07-Nov-19 20:11:46

How about poached pears or caramelised oranges? Both can be done in alcohol, the pears in port, the oranges in orange liqueur.

everythingstaken123 Thu 07-Nov-19 22:21:24

I often do a fancy jelly for my dairy free friends. If you put some fruit in and add Prosecco etc you can make it quite special.

AdaColeman Thu 07-Nov-19 22:35:54

Rhubarb and orange compote is nice and light, and not time consuming to make, you don't want to spend all your time in the kitchen!
If you're getting a supermarket delivery. Swedish Glacé is a dairy free ice, lovely with a fruit coulis and posh biscuits for an easy pudding.

DoubleDuty Fri 08-Nov-19 09:05:06

Chocolate mousse made with egg and chocolate like this one serve with biscuits - something like ginger/orange/nut to up the flavour missing from the lack of butter...elegant and delicious.

minipie Fri 08-Nov-19 09:14:40

I’d probably do something like a fruit tart or pie (made with non butter puff) and serve with coconut non dairy ice cream for the non dairy person and dairy ice cream for everyone else. Or just coconut ice cream for everyone although some people really dislike coconut!

Or meringues, fruit and cream/coconut cream although that’s quite summery

wowfudge Fri 08-Nov-19 21:05:26

Poire belle Helene is poached pear served with chocolate sauce. It uses dark chocolate so no dairy content.

Beef Wellington is a fabulous dinner party dish - use puff pastry without dairy fat and pate instead of mushroom duxelles.

LadyLanka Thu 14-Nov-19 12:45:26

Stuff dates with soft goat's cheese, encase in streaky bacon, bake. Delicious canapé, no yeast involved. Prunes would also work.

Chewbecca Sat 16-Nov-19 16:22:07

I love these merlot poached pears.

A good home made rocky road can be dairy free - vegan marg works ok.

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