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Need some advice on slow cooker

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Pussinboots25 Tue 05-Nov-19 18:47:33

Hi! I bought a slow cooker a few weeks ago and haven’t got round to using it. This may sound stupid but I don’t understand it. My mum has hers on all day but it doesn’t burn or over cook. I’m out the house from 7.30am till 5pm ish, so would the food be ok on a low setting or is that too long? Any tips would be appreciated

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handbagsatdawn33 Wed 06-Nov-19 11:27:42

There's a FB group "Slow Cooked Wonders" , + dozens of websites dedicated to SCs.
I think you'd be best starting off by following a recipe especially for SCs - they need far less liquid than hob or oven dishes for example.

NerdyCurvyInkedandPervy Wed 06-Nov-19 11:32:07

Yes, you can leave it on all day, but if you're worried you could always invest in a timer set to come on when you want it to.

I second slow cooked wonders on fb - mainly because i help run it - but its a great place to start, with over a thousand recipes in the filea.

tisonlymeagain Wed 06-Nov-19 11:38:20

It will be fine - a lot of recipes state 6-8 hours on low. Mine is often on longer.

Winesalot Wed 06-Nov-19 11:55:13

Mine has a timer and then will sit at warm after the timer goes off.

I would be fine putting it on at 7.30 am for for or five hours on low and then leave it at warm. But if you don’t have this set up, i am sure it will be fine on low all that time. Does this help? I love mine.

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