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Easy Sandwich/lunch ideas

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Sinittasdancers Tue 12-Nov-19 15:28:27

Hiya @redwitch5 I've got MS and my issues are similar. Roasted chickpeas and veg as pp said, you can get pre-cut squash here, how about where you are? Using a knife is something I avoid due to v poor dexterity and high chance of cutting my fingers off! Can serve with couscous (buy pre-flavoured and all you have to do is pour on hot water). Or put in a wrap, dollop on yogurt/chilli sauce/houmous/tzatziki/guacamole and roll up.

Posh pot noodles - the Japanese ones - are nice if you can get these?

Lots of leftovers can be slung in a wrap, just make sure more than needed is cooked the night before. Hard-boil some eggs or get someone else to, slice and put in a sandwich with salad if you're up to it.

Do you have a microwave? You can do soup/baked beans plus toast.

Jacket potatoes is a good one, minimal effort but feels like a 'proper' meal even just with grated cheese slung on top. They obviously take a while to cook in the oven but if you stick them in ahead of time you don't need to do anything until it's time to eat them.

Sorry I'm thinking of lots of hot foods because it's winter here, you would probably rather cold stuff as it's summer where you are!

redwitch5 Fri 08-Nov-19 09:43:34

Hi OneHanded, my main disability affecting my food-getting ability is Cerebral Palsy. I have good days, bad days and really bad days. Good days I can spread butter/marge on a sliced bread roll and top with sliced cheese or some hummus. Bad days I try to do this, takes a lot of time and shaking and someone usually takes over. Really bad days I hang on the bench and watch DM fix lunch for me. I don't know, I'd just like a little (easy) variety.

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OneHanded Thu 07-Nov-19 03:53:02

Hi OP are you comfortable disclosing your disability? I’m one handed (as the username suggests!) so find spreading and gripping veg etc to chop is a struggle! There’s a lot of chasing involved 😅😂 but things like flavoured hummus salads, toast, etc with lots of ‘easy’ veg like babycorn/mangetout, pre bagged salad is easiest. It’s also quick to open a tin if chickpeas/lentils etc and pop them in the oven to roast with veggies whole. The whole veg (for example a whole squash) soften in the oven and get super tasty and all you need is a fork/spoon/butter knife/hand!

redwitch5 Sun 03-Nov-19 09:51:11

Hi peoples. Can anyone recommend some easy and fast lunch ideas? I'm disabled and rely on DM or DF to get meals for me, I don't want to take too much time cause everyone else is hungry. I'm diabetic and in NZ if this is relevant, and semi-vegetarian. Thanks

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