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Bestest, juiciest blackberries ever - everywhere and completely FREE!!!!!!!!!

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Idreamofdaleks Fri 17-Aug-07 13:33:27

This year has given us the best blackberries ever!!!!!

There are loads!!!



I am beside myself with joy about this

gringottsgoblin Fri 17-Aug-07 13:42:12

oooh, havent gone picking them yet, thats this weekend sorted!

Idreamofdaleks Fri 17-Aug-07 13:45:00

they are transforming my life at the moment by being so amazing...enjoy the weekend!

EscapeFrom Fri 17-Aug-07 13:46:43

I am a real saddo who is absolutely thrilled by the idea of free fruit.

I have noticed most indiginous tree fruit have born quite well - like the damsons etc

jellyjelly Fri 17-Aug-07 13:48:23

Where do you tend to find them? Are they near certain trees?

MaureenMLove Fri 17-Aug-07 13:50:17

We discovered a huge amount of blackberries just behind our shed last weekend! I didn't even have to leave my home to enjoy a freebie! We had picked them, washed them and turned them into blackberry & apple crumble within the hour! Even Mr Kipling couldn't do it that quickly!

Idreamofdaleks Fri 17-Aug-07 13:51:13

On wasteground or in get scratched/stung a bit so wear long trousers and sleeves!

Less scratch/sting problems than usual because there is just so much ripe fruit hanging there

mawbroon Fri 17-Aug-07 14:04:42

Viewers in Scotland might like to note that ours are unlikely to be ready much before October.

EscapeFrom Fri 17-Aug-07 14:09:08

Idream are they sweet?

CountessDracula Fri 17-Aug-07 14:09:59

ooh yes
I picked tons last week

Idreamofdaleks Fri 17-Aug-07 17:18:59

Ludicrously sweet

#get ye blackberrying, it's the season of a lifetime

suzycreamcheese Fri 17-Aug-07 17:22:47're so right...i scored a load last week..double delicious ...

suzycreamcheese Fri 17-Aug-07 17:24:37

lol maw broon...
and the film you really want to see will never be shown north of for Tam Weir trekking the low lands....

MaureenMLove Fri 17-Aug-07 17:32:19

Do they come freezer ready too, mawbroon!

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