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pasta for babies

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julia12 Thu 16-Aug-07 21:33:09

Hey girls Ive found a type of pasts I can use for my 12 month old and she actually eats it

julia12 Thu 16-Aug-07 21:35:29

I ve found a pasta that my 12 month old can eat and she actually likes it.

Seona1973 Fri 17-Aug-07 09:25:20

my 10 1/2 month old eats any pasta e.g. macaroni, penne, pasta shells (all normal sized 'adult' stuff).

yelnats Fri 17-Aug-07 09:34:50

My 6 month old had pasta yesterday - the Annabel Karmel tiny stars (gluten free). She loved them!

Nbg Fri 17-Aug-07 09:35:55

havent had a baby pasta thread for a while

julia12 Fri 17-Aug-07 10:05:07

Thank cookie for pasta I was running out of ideas she has eaten through my recipies and I styggle to know what to cook.

CountessDracula Fri 17-Aug-07 10:06:14

you can use any pasta for 1yos fgs <rolls eyeballs>

Or is that you cod?

GibbonInARibbon Fri 17-Aug-07 10:06:27

Do they really do pasta for babies?

These threads are wind ups aren't they?

CountessDracula Fri 17-Aug-07 10:08:04


ever heard of a knife and fork? they are used for cutting things up into smaller pieces...

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Fri 17-Aug-07 10:13:20

i never knew there was baby pasta, my ds had normal pasta cut up small since he was 6mo!! hes 9mo now and loves the stuff!!!

Hulababy Fri 17-Aug-07 10:17:02

Yes, have seen baby pasta. A bit like soup pasta - really tiny.

We just used normal pasta for DD though. Found it easier than buying lots of different stuff.

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Fri 17-Aug-07 10:22:32

hmmm......dont think i could deal with buying different pastas etc for everyone!!

me and dh, dd (2.9yo) and ds (9mo) all get the same! arent i mean!!

IcingOnTheCake Fri 17-Aug-07 10:35:55

Baby pasta is great! I used to have to chop up pasta to give it to dd, then i found baby pasta and it's great. DD is 10 months now so she can eat bigger pasta but when she was 6/7/8 months baby pasta was ideal.

RubySlippers Fri 17-Aug-07 10:37:23

tis a marketing ploy
<<RS nods head wisely>>

MyMILisDoloresUmbridge Fri 17-Aug-07 11:14:43

I found baby pasta great when ds3 was very small but he was prem and was weaned at 6 months but was really 4 months developmentally. The only thing was that I ended up with a load of it because it really wasn't long before he could eat the big stuff!

MyMILisDoloresUmbridge Fri 17-Aug-07 11:15:37

And I had to go into a specialist Italian shop in Dublin city centre to get it! Tesco in Ireland don't do soup pasta!

NormaStanleyFletcher Fri 17-Aug-07 11:18:05

DD (11 months) wouldn't like baby pasta

1. she would recognise it as cynical marketing of an overpriced product

2. She finds it much easier to pick up decent sized pasta twists/bows/shells, as she feeds herself with her hands pretty much all the time

beansprout Fri 17-Aug-07 11:20:59

But the possibilities are endless...!

I'll start. Baby apples - cut up into reasonable size bits for a baby to eat.


NormaStanleyFletcher Fri 17-Aug-07 11:27:23

Baby Plums - specially grown small plums, without the stone!

(seedless grapes, which must always be cut in half of course)

FluffyMummy123 Fri 17-Aug-07 15:06:51

Message withdrawn

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