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Small lamb joint with no fat on it - how shall I roast it?

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Nextphonewontbesamsung Sun 27-Oct-19 17:50:35

I've got a very small half leg of lamb to roast, to serve 3 people.

There's no fat on it, as you'd expect with leg!

Should I roast it in foil? I'm worried it's going to be tough.

Any suggestions?


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Ricekrispie22 Sun 27-Oct-19 19:21:48

I always use this guide to help me

handbagsatdawn33 Sun 27-Oct-19 19:30:15

No foil - just very quick to keep it pink.

BBC Good Food has a roasting guide.

foodiefil Mon 28-Oct-19 21:52:58

Do you have a slow cooker? I did a half leg in the slow cooker with rosemary and red wine and it was delicious

SalamanderOnHoliday Mon 28-Oct-19 21:56:50

I’d braise it in a bottle of white wine with a load of veg....

PlanDeRaccordement Mon 28-Oct-19 21:58:57

I would dice it and make shish kebabs.

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